Is Dermatology DIY At Home A Worthwhile Endeavor?

botox injections

Lately there has been a ton of new technology advancements in cosmetic dermatology. Some of the major ones are lasers, and cosmetic injections like botox and other cosmetic fillers. Doctors use multiple varieties of lasers depending on many factors like the skin type and condition.

These are a few of the most popular cosmetic procedures that dermatologists are using these days


Lasers are designed to repair damaged skin. They can also be used to remove undesirable marks like birthmarks or even get rid of unwanted hair. Lasers are also useful for tattoo removal and a lot more. There is a new laser technology called fractional resurfacing which is now being used to help patients with extensive damage to their skin. Laser can also be used in procedures designed for treating varicose veins and many other things.

Laser Skin Treatment


Different filler types can be injected in to the skin. This will help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Some people inject body fat or hyaluronic acid gel and this will usually lead to a drastic improvement in the skin very quickly. Polymethylmethacrylate is a very popular cosmetic filler.

Applying Cosmetic Filler


Botox works by using something called botulinum toxin to smooth the skin. It has the effect of smoothing wrinkles and literally reversing the symptoms of aging. It is administered as an injection, albeit a small one, directly in to the face in the problem areas. A small fine needle is what is used and there is no anesthesia administered. Botox is considered to be an outpatient procedure. It works so well because it blocks some nerves and the corresponding muscles can not contract.

Botox Injections










At home treatments

So with all these advancements in skin care and the technology behind it, there are plenty of people now using home based solutions for problems rather than visiting the doctor’s office. Active ingredient counts of over the counter skin care products are significantly less concentrated than dermatologist products. For this reason, an at home type procedure is not going to be as potent or last as long. Additionally, not every over the counter treatment will work on all types of skin tones. Often there are safety risks to consider as well. Adverse skin reactions are common when there are different types of chemicals being used.

Natural DIY Skin Care Treatments

For all of these reasons, I’d be inclined to be super selective which skin care products are worth using. Tim Schmidt, CEO of SkinPro says that “Consumers should be looking for products that are laboratory formulated and designed by cosmetic pharmacists rather than being influenced by fancy marketing campaigns.” Owing to his personal connection with peptide provider Lipotec, he has made Argireline the focal ingredient of his top products like the much heralded Elite Serum Rx.

Argireline for Expression Wrinkles

Focusing on research based science and product development over has enabled SkinPro to make highly effective formulas that actually work with only a few applications. Most over the counter products or do it yourself concoctions simply don’t end up being very effective. Either stick with a high grade cosmeceutical manufacturer like SkinPro or go visit your dermatologist. Avoid most of the do it yourself dermatology solutions as they aren’t likely potent enough to make much of a difference.

Is Dermatology DIY At Home A Worthwhile Endeavor?
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