Dermasilk Review

Are you a Connecticut local? Well, if so, then you might be familiar with a local skin care company with a home base in your backyard. The brand Dermasilk is owned and operated by a company located in Connecticut, the company that owns the brand is Biotech International Corp. Guess what, it’s one of the few franchise companies that are uber successful this year.

The sheer number of options they offer are incredible. For example, don’t be surprised if you come across hundreds, even thousands of wrinkle creams. The Dermasilk brand is around yet another one of those brands that make crazy claims. Does it work? Well, you’ll need to keep reading to learn more about it.

One thing I can say is that consumers are a tad bit skeptical when they come across products with names such as 5-Minute Face Lift and Double Chin Firming and 1 Minute Collagen Lift. These claims are bold and brave marketing at its best. Many consumers have something to say about the names of these products and most don’t believe the hype.

dermasilk reviewWhat Claims Does Dermasilk Make?

If you’re all about claims, then you want to focus on those that Dermasilk makes. They claim that you can kiss your wrinkles goodbye when you use the products. They also claim that the result of using the products will be none other than radiant skin. Is it possible that this is all a hoax or aggressive marketing claims? Typically, if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is. However, under all circumstances, I like to give companies the benefit of the doubt and simply research before making a decision.

Here’s what we decided to do. We took a more logical approach and dove into the Dermasilk products before deciding for ourselves. In doing so, we were able to determine that when you peel back the hype marketing onion, you are left with a list of ingredients. Guess what, the ingredients used in these products are almost identical to many others used for years.

For example, the Dermasilk top product is the 1 Minute Wrinkle Erase Pen which contains ingredients such as cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone, and polymethylsilsesquioxane. All of these ingredients are very common and not necessarily anything special or proprietary so to speak. They are silicone-based and are commonly used to the create a protective barrier to further protect your skin. They also work to eliminate wrinkles and lines. However, don’t expect long lasting results.

They may work quickly (barely) but they don’t work for long. Their sunscreen products are literally almost identical to some of the other products that you can find in CVS and Walgreens. I hate to say it but we’re convinced that most people who use these Dermasilk products likely use them for a short period of time (say a few times) then they toss them in the trash when the results aren’t as desired.

Where To Get Them

Speaking of CVS, Walgreens and other places, you can pick these products up at almost any pharmacy. They are displayed on the shelves at many places like K Mart, Safeway, Ulta Beauty, Albertsons, Walmart,, and others. The products within the Dermasilk line are the Skin Perfect Flawless, 90 Second Eye Lift, 5 Minute Face Lift,10 Minute Ultimate Face Lift, Triple-Sculpting cream, 10 Second Neck Lift, 1 Minute Collagen Lift, DermaSilk 5 Minute Beauty Peel, 1 Minute Wrinkle Erase Pen, Night Repairing Face Lift, Miracle Cream, and the Double Chin Firming product. All of the products cost between $19.95 and $39.95. Which is a typical price for most effective skin care products today.

It would be almost impossible for us to review every single product associated with this brand as there is just too wide of a range. Due to the significant amount of time that it takes to review, evaluate, and record our experience of the product, it only makes sense that we would not be able to evaluate all of those within the line.

More Product Information

Assuming that you’re looking to try one of the products within the range, your best bet would be to give the 1-Minute Collagen Lift product a try. This specific product contains a few active ingredients. The ingredients included in the products are palmitoyl pentapeptide-4, tripeptide-1, and tripeptide-10. All of these peptides have been specifically added to the formula in order to help reduce the presence of wrinkles within the skin.

For those that don’t think they’re familiar with Palmitoyl pentapeptide-4, there’s another name for this that you might be familiar with. It’s called Matrixyl. Although the effectiveness of this ingredient within this particular product is unknown, it is possible that it’s effective in reducing wrinkles. The ingredient has been said to work in many other products. Learn more about it right here.

However, I’ve got some bad news for those using the Dermasilk Collagen Lift product. Many that have used it have stated that it did not help reduce the wrinkles or lines on consumers.

Which Is The Best

Based on the reviews that I’ve seen, the Dermasilk 1-Minute Collagen Lift is most likely the best product within the Dermasilk range. Some say that it’s the best product and value. Does it really work? It’s tough to say really.

Third Party Reviews

If you’re looking to use products within the Dermasilk line, then you need to start by reading the reviews that people have written. At a high level, you’ll notice that the company has an Amazon listing with an overall rating of 3.5 stars out of 5.0, based on 228 reviews.

dermasilk reviewsIf you take a closer look at some of the other product reviews, you’ll notice that they have a rating of 3.0 of 5.0. Read the reviews to learn more before trying it out.

Dermasilk Review
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