I had no idea what DermaPen was until I started researching about the device. I’ve written reviews and articles on various micro needling techniques but had never come across the DermaPen. Apparently, it’s made quite an impact in the field amongst professionals. I guess enough of an impact for them to want to use it on their patients. In fact, lots of aestheticians offer it to their clients that might be looking to improve the elasticity of their skin without the invasiveness of other procedures. Sure, there are plenty of other types of procedures that patients can get, these listed here seem to be the latest rage these days. Before you go using the DermaPen, I want you to completely understand what this is all about, how the device works, and what to do should you decide to have the procedure done. Some people believe that the device may not be safe for your skin, while others praise it up and down. All I have to say is that you need to learn more before you make a decision to use the product.

dermapen reviewHow Does DermaPen Work?

Before I get into how this product works, I want to talk to you about the company behind the product. It’s currently produced and manufactured by a company called Derma Pen, LLC which is based out of Utah. The product is built with the main objective being penetrating the skin through the use of micro needling.

The DermaPen is literally supposed to cause minor damage to your skin in an attempt to help naturally encourage the healing process of your skin. Our bodies typically recover pretty quickly and we’re built to withstand a certain amount of pain, suffering, and overall damage. As parts of our body become damaged, specifically our skin, we begin the healing process which encourages new skin growth. The idea is the replace the damaged skin.

There are other products that exist and work based on this healing cycle. Specifically, the various chemical peels that are on the market today work in a similar manner. Their objective is to damage the skin enough to cause the healing process to begin. There is only a small amount of damage that is done to old or damaged cells. As the new cells grow, they replace the damaged and unhealthy cells.

In this particular case with the DermaPen, the tiny needles within the pen penetrate the skin. Patients feel a small amount of pain caused by the pricking of the skin. The body then begins creating new healthy skin cells to replace those that are damaged. The skin tightens, pigmentation is removed and the patient looks much better than before.

The technology behind the DermaPen is not new at all. There are many competitors within the industry that are utilizing similar technology to sell the micro needling process. It’s basically an extension of using needle rollers which consumers gently roll over the top of their skin. Both devices cause microdamage, which helps stimulate the natural healing process.

The device is called a DermaPen because it looks like a pen. There is a motor in the pen that runs to move the needles up and down and create the small holes in the skin in a matter of seconds.

Is It Effective?

Based on the research that I’ve done, it seems as though the DermaPen is actually effective. Patients shared positive results after using the product and they said that within just a few weeks they saw improvement. In fact, some patients mentioned that they had a seen positive results with regards to scars and any preexisting pigmentation issues. Some people had seen a reduction in the number of wrinkles they have in their skin as well. All of this is likely due to the fact that using the DermaPen helps increase collagen production. If you want to learn more about the production of collagen, then check this out.

Is It Painful?

There’s no doubt about it, the DermaPen requires the use of needles, which is the forefront of the technology. It can be painful for those that have a hypersensitivity to needles. It really depends on how deep the needles are set to penetrate and your sensitivity levels. The good news is that many patients opt to incorporate numbing cream into their treatment procedure. This can seriously help reduce the pain commonly involved in this type of procedure.

Side Effects

Some people have reported side effects such as redness, bruising, swelling, and such within the first few hours of treatment. However, these side effects typically dissipate within a day or two.

One thing you’ll want to pay close attention to is the FDA warning that was issued in 2015. Apparently, the company was making claims in their marketing and advertising. Most likely, they mentioned something about the product healing something I’m sure and the FDA shut that down fast. The FDA also stated that there are not enough studies to claim that the needle penetration is safe for blood vessels and nerves in your face.

Where To Purchase

If you want to purchase this online, you’re going to have a really hard time doing so. The product is not available for any retail stores and anyone that wants to get a treatment must visit a professional to do so. They require this due to the damage potential that exists.

Alternatives To The DermaPen

There are plenty of micro needling products that you can purchase to use at home if you wish to treat your skin in the comfort of your own home. If you’re interested in doing something at home, then you’ll want to read this article for more information on the process.

Dermatologist First

Before you go searching the web for treatment centers, what you need to do is speak with your dermatologist about it. They may recommend that you take a different approach or avoid the treatment completely. Do your research before jumping in.

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