Dermanova Review

If you’ve been watching TV, then you may have come across one of these anti aging infomercials featuring DermaNova. For those that may not have seen it, this is a skin care brand meant to help prevent aging in both men and women. Can the product help consumers look years younger in just a matter of a few weeks? Well, that’s a pretty bold claim and stretch, but many companies today aren’t afraid to make it.

The company has been praised as being the Botox replacement or for being some anti aging alternative to Botox injections. They make claims that the product locks in moisture for the entire day and that it doesn’t cause clogged pores which is common with moisturizers. I guess the product also claims to help generate cell growth, better manage skin tone, and eliminate and puffiness. The real question is…

dermanova reviewDoes DermaNove Actually Work?

In order to figure this out, I dove into the ingredients to get a better understanding of what this product actually had to offer. Based on my research, the following ingredients are included in this product. Please keep in mind that this is not a full ingredients list. You may discover other ingredients should you do your own investigation.

Shea Butter

This is a fan favorite as it’s been known to help with a bunch of things. If you’re fighting the good fight of avoiding free radical damage and you’re looking for solutions to protect your skin from damage, then shea butter’s antioxidants might come in handy. This ingredient is one that even the infamous DJ Khaled stands by, well, shea butter and cocoa butter I guess.


The product contains a combination of peptides which are four amino acids that have been specifically selected. These amino acids help reduce inflammation and boost collagen growth as well as regeneration.

Palmitoyl Tetrapepetide-7

This is a super popular ingredient that is known for being able to regenerate cells.¬†You’ve heard me mention this ingredient or a similar one in many of the product reviews that I’ve written. For example, if you take a look at the Nectifirm review or the Crepe Erase by Guthy Renker, you’ll find it mentioned on there.


This is has been known to help improve individuals skin to retain moisture as well as reduce inflammation that occurs on most consumers skin at some point or another.


This ingredient helps feed the body and distribute active ingredients included within the product. Pushing the actives to parts of the body is a crucial step here.

Warning They Offer Trials

I’m sure I am not the first person to warn you about trial product offers. There’s a good chance that many others out there share the same common feeling about free trial products as myself. There’s something shady about almost all of them.

If you go through the typical sales funnel of DermaNova you’ll notice that the photos and claims are pretty wild. However, all those claims are their own and haven’t been done by an independent clinic or anything like that.

Back to the free trials, you’ll notice that this is only one of the many trial products available within the skin care industry. There are plenty of anti aging products out there that are exactly like this one, so you’ve been warned.

I personally had high hopes for this product at first, then after finding out about the free trial offer, I let the air out and high hopes were crushed. There is just something that screams total scam to me when I read about these trials.

What Are People Saying About DermaNova?

One thing I can say is that performing a simple search online will likely result in a number of ugly reviews. When you see star ratings in the 2.0 and 3.0 range, then you need to be very skeptical about it.

Another thing that you need to know is that this company has a pretty terrible BBB rating. It should go without saying that a D+ rating on BBB is a pretty horrible rating.

DermaNova BBB D Rating
Credit: BBB

Return Policy

If you look closely at DermaNova and the refund policy, you’ll quickly realize that the company requires you to cancel within the 12-day trial period if you want a refund. Once the trial is over, you will then be billed a cool $59 each month until you decide to cancel your subscription. The company operates their entire business model on based on the auto-ship program that they have set up. It’s a simple sales tactic that I simply cannot endorse or agree with.

If you’ve placed an order with this company, then you’ll want to attempt to get your money back (more than likely) and if so, you’ll need to call 646-688-0457.

Is It Worth Asking The Dermatologist?

Honestly, I think that if you ask a dermatologist, they’re going to have some horrible things to say about this product. Either that or they may just chuckle in your face about it. My guess is that you’ll have zero positive feedback from them should you even approach them with the idea. The choice is entirely yours to make though. I wouldn’t waste my time or effort, just saying.

Getting Down To Brass Tacks

The bottom line is quite simple, there’s a good chance that using DermaNova isn’t going to help you at all. It may help improve your moisturization levels but that’s about it. In the end, you’ll likely be asking for a refund or kicking yourself for purchasing the product in general. That’s just the way that I see things panning out here with DermaNova products. Keep in mind, that’s not to say that it absolutely won’t work for you. There’s a good chance that you’ll be looking for a replacement soon enough.

Dermanova Review
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