Dermalactives Review

I had never even heard of the Dermalactives brand until I stumbled upon it. Seriously, there are so many skin care brands out there that sometimes I feel like I could spend days researching brands and never come across the same brand twice. That’s how abundant the industry is and the number of options out there for consumers. Anyway, I’m not here to discuss all those other options, instead, I just want to give a brief overview of the Dermalactives and then eventually dive into the products that they offer consumers today.

Dermalactives Reviews

What Is Dermalactives?

The Dermalactives brand is what most would consider being a high-end luxury skin care brand. It’s an anti aging brand that incorporates the use of 24K gold into their products. They have one very specific product that is supposed to be the best of the best in terms of gold face masks. The brand sells lots of products, but the main one is definitely the Illuminating Gold Fusion Mask.

For the price that they charge, you best believe that it better work, right? It’s said to her remove wrinkles, lines, and even reduce the presence of those easily developed sun spots and aging spots. The main issue that most people have with the Dermalactive brand is that the products are too expensive. In fact, this might be one of the most expensive skin care brands in the world.

The Website

I took a close look at the Dermalactives website to check out a few things that I typically look for when research companies. The first thing I noticed was that they have both an email address and phone number prominently displayed on the site. This is super important given the price of the product. I also noticed that they’ve shared the terms, policies and delivery information in the same section of the site.

Dermalactives also provides a frequently asked questions page which helps answer some of the questions that potential customers might have about the brand and products. You’ll find general questions, product details, technical questions and even sales tax info on this page.

The company has a neat before and after page that shows the effects of using their products. It’s definitely one of the more interactive and advanced methods of showcasing consumer results. However, all that matter is that they show results, the method in which they do so isn’t all that influential in my humble opinion.

The products seem to promise a lot but do they actually work? That’s the million dollar question! Many brands out there today make outlandish claims to the point where it’s almost surprising when a product actually works. However, if you’re spending the amount of money that Dermalactives is charging, you better be getting a product that’s effective!

That’s why I took a close look at the main ingredients that the company incorporates. They like to work in vitamin A, C, and E as well as things such as Argiriline, collagen, aloe, omega-3 and more. The problem I have with this is that many other substitutes contain these same ingredients and they don’t cost nearly as much. I’m talking 10% or less than the total product cost Dermalactives is charging.

While I haven’t found it myself, I’d be surprised if some of these cheaper products didn’t work better than the more expensive ones, seriously.

The Products

There are a ton of different types of products that Dermalactives sells on their website. In fact, there are far too many to name them all, but I’ll cover the bulk of them below…

24K Golden Peel Mask
60 Second Lifting Cream
60 Second Lifting Cream & Intensive Firm Eye Serum
Advanced Non Surgical Collagen Solution
Bio Collagen Face & Neck Kit
Bio Collagen Mask
Deep Collagen Care Mask
Exfoliating Body Scrub
Purifying Cleansing Gel – Not on this list
Men’s Hydrating Facial Collection

That’s the bulk of their product offerings and all of them are super expensive. I think the cheapest product available is the Purifying Cleansing Gel which costs $75.00.

I’d also like to mention that they have a product known as the New Age LED device which is supposed to make your skin firmer, look younger, even your tone and much more. The device is FDA approved and it costs a whopping $4,300!

Third-Party Reviews

I tried to find a bunch of reviews on the Dermalactives products on the Internet and strangely enough, I couldn’t find any. seriously, I think the Amazon listing only had a total of three reviews what I investigated things. I mean, if a 24k Gold Fusion Mask is supposed to be so darn good for you, how come only three people have reviewed the product on Amazon? Okay, on the Internet in general then?

The reviews are not that great either…

Of the three a couple of people have stated they love the product and that it’s worth every penny. Then you’ve got the one reviewer that gave it two stars. Now, I hate to tell you but none of these reviewers are verified buyers, so take that will a grain of salt but even more importantly, take that as a feeling that no one actually buys these products!

I did some further research and noticed that the website lists product reviews but I don’t trust those reviews. The company has way too much control over the data being posted on their site, simple as that.

Where To Buy Them

Based on my research, it seems like the only place to buy the Dermalactives products is on the Internet via their website. It doesn’t look like they are even available for purchase on Amazon anymore. My advice would be for those interested in purchasing to head over to the corporate site and ask them where you can find them locally.


Based on everything that I know about Dermalactives and the high prices they are charging, I cannot suggest that anyone try out any of these products. My guess is that there are plenty of other product options available today for a fraction of the cost that Dermalactives charges.

Dermalactives Review
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