DermaFlash Review

Do you know the number one thing that people slack on when it comes to caring for their skin? I’ll give you a hint, it’s not removing makeup. It’s exfoliating and the act of doing so plays such a vital role in things. The number of people that slack when it comes to this activity is unimaginable. In fact, based on my research, simply exfoliating can help reduce the number of wrinkles you develop and it plays a prominent role in keeping your skin youthful. Some people even turn to devices like DermaFlash to whip their skin into shape.

Are you not sure what DermaFlash is? Well, no worries that’s what we are here for, to help with keeping you informed and educated. DermaFlash is a skin care device that was created by an individual named Dara Levy. Dara owns a spa in the Chicago area and wanted to develop a better way for women to treat their skin at home. When I say “treat their skin,” I’m referring to the act of dermaplaning.

dermaflash review

Dara created the DermaFlash product and was able to deliver the service of exfoliating in the comfort of your own home all while being able to improve the smoothness of your skin.

One thing you need to understand about DermaFlash is that it isn’t cheap and it can cause issues with your skin if not used correctly. That’s why it’s pretty important that you speak with a licensed professional before you attempt to use this device in the comfort of your own home. Sure, at-home products can be great, but they can be damaging as well if used improperly – proceed cautiously.

How Does DermaFlash Work?

Here’s the main idea of DermaFlash and how it functions. The product works in the same respect that most dermaplaning products work. Let me first explain what dermaplaning is. It’s a specific exfoliating technique that professionals within the industry use in order to exfoliate your skin. They do this by physically removing the dead skin cells residing on the surface of your skin.

They typically do this through the use of sharp razors, gently gliding the razor across the surface of your skin. In doing so, the dead skin cells are easily removed. Many people refer to this skin as peach fuzz and if not done correctly, it can lead to cuts, scars, scrapes and worse.

In the event that a consumer gets this done on a regular basis, it’s been said that they typically have softer skin that’s also tighter as a result.

As far as DermaFlash is concerned, this product is similar but with a slight twist. Instead of using a sharp razor, the product incorporates the use of ultrasonic vibrations to remove the skin cells.

The Corporate Website

I took a close look at the corporate website and learned a great deal about the device. They use the tagline, “Men Shave, Women Flash,” and it’s likely worked wonders for them from a marketing and sales perspective. I’d also like to note that the company proudly displays the results of women that have used this device and they do so in a nice manner.

Diving deeper into the website, you can buy the product here, reach out to chat with customer support, and do just about everything else you can think of. They have a section on the site called, MYTHS and this is pretty cool because it lays everything out there in terms of all the questions or thoughts you might have on the product. Sure, it’s an FAQ section to a certain extent but the presentation is everything.

How To Use DermaFlash

Are you interested in learning how to use this device? If so, you’ll be happy to learn that it’s pretty easy to do so. The product has been designed to be used once each week and is designed to exfoliate your skin. The device is able to be used as a stand-alone product but it works best when combined with creams sold by the company.

I’ll break down how to use it as simply as possible. For starters, you’ll want to start by applying the DermaFlash Prep cleanser to your face, this will help remove and oil, dirt, buildup etc that might be present. It’s good to use the cleanser they provide due to the ingredients that they contain which plays the role as a surfactant.

Once you’ve got a clean face, it’s time to attach the scraping head blade to the device. You’ll then want to exfoliate the surface of your skin by gliding the DermaFlash device across your face. Be sure to avoid areas such as your eyes, eyebrows, and hairline. Basically, you want to avoid any areas where you have a significant amount of hair that you wish to keep.

You should then apply what they call a Soothe cream in order to moisturize your skin after the treatment. That’s it! Once a week and you’re good to go!

Where To Buy The Product

Looking to buy the DermaFlash device? If so, then I suggest you head over the You’ll find the product is sold in a 5-piece set for $189. They have add-ons which they offer as well. The product is expensive, but it’s used multiple times, so keep that in mind when making a purchasing decision. As far as the various options, they have one-time purchase options as well as auto-delivery options.┬áBased on my research, the auto-replenishment option only costs $35.10 and it’s sent every six weeks. This also comes at a discounted price if you were wondering.


Assuming you are not satisfied with this device, you do have time to return it for a refund. I was able to confirm that they have a 30-day money back guarantee refund policy. I had to reach out to the company to get this information and they eventually showed me where to find it online (see here). That said, it’s another prime example as to why I suggest you not waste time getting this discounted at an unauthorized retailer because if you do, the company will not accept the return. Just keep that in mind.

The Reviews

If you take a look online, you’ll find that most people have pretty positive things to say about this device. It’s unique, effective, and one that many stand behind. If I were you and I had some extra money to spend, I may just go ahead and give this one a shot.

DermaFlash Review
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