Dermafi Review

I’m one to really dig into each and every skin care brand I review. Truth be told, I probably go overboard to a certain extent but nevertheless, I’m just doing what I love to do. One of the brands that I decided to check out was Dermafi. It’s a brand that seems to not have the best look in terms of the public eye view based on some of the things I’ve seen. How do I put this other than just coming out and saying it…

dermafi synake cream review

There are pretty awful reviews about this brand. Now, I’m not telling you that you should or should not avoid using the product just yet. I believe in full transparency and reporting the facts before calling a brand out for being bad. That said, I did some research and have determined a few things that you need to know about Dermafi and the products they offer.

In reviewing these products, specifically the peptide cream, you’ll need to ask yourself if the reviews are really justifiable. Are they really that bad and do they deserve the single star ratings that some companies are providing? That’s what you need to be thinking about.

I will come out and say that some of the consumers have shed some light on their experiences and they claim that this is nothing but a scam. I mean, I can totally understand “them” feeling that way if, in fact, they were “taken for a ride” in one sense or another. The main issue seems to be the billing and rebills that the company has in place. Based on my research, that seems to be the biggest issue of all.

As for the reviews online, most are either great, or really bad. There’s no in between here, really. Regardless of how you see it, my advice is to simply keep reading to get the full rundown of things with Dermafi before you go making decisions to do otherwise.

What Is Dermafi And How Does It Work

Truth be told, I wanted to dive into this brand as deep as possible starting with the corporate website, but I just couldn’t find enough information about the product in order to do that. I was able to drum up some corporate information with regards to the fulfillment center but that’s about it. The website that I found was a redirect and nothing more. I even turned to sites like in order to obtain more information about the product and sure enough, I learned that the site didn’t even exist.

I’m 100% suspect when a skin care company doesn’t have a real website to sell their products on. It’s a HUGE red flag in my opinion.

So, what the heck is Dermafi you ask? Well, the most basic and simple way that I can describe this is as being a skin care line that attempts to package a product nicely to entice users to want to make a purchase. However, none of that matters if the ingredients aren’t effective and if the billing isn’t fair practive. As you’ve likely been told 100 times over, ingredients mean everything and the right formula can make all the difference in the world.

The bad part…

I was not able to really dive into the product as much as I’d like to due to the site being taken offline. Typically I turn to corporate websites in order to learn about a skin company and their products. That wasn’t going to happen here though. Nope, not a chance.

I did dive a bit deeper and learned that some of the buyer/seller platforms in this world today did still sell this stuff. For example, you’ll find that eBay sells the product even though the website doesn’t really exist. Here’s what you need to remember, products that sell successfully do not just disappear. Not out of thin air at least.

The Ingredients

Are you interested in learning about the ingredients within the Dermafi peptide cream? If so, then I’ll give you a taste of what you need to know. Based on my research, the Dermafi main ingredient is syn-ake. This is an ingredient that’s supposedly derived from snake venom. Apparently, the snake venom is said to have a Botox-like effect on your skin and all without the use of invasive needles. How does it do that? Well, it has everything to do with preventing your muscles from flexing. This apparently reduces the chances of developing wrinkles in areas such as the corner of your eyes (crows feet) and the outer area of your lips (frown lines).

What you need to understand is that most skin care brands are not harvesting snake venom to achieve this effect. Instead, they are creating formulas and chemicals that mimic the effects. The main reason this is done is so the company has more control over the formulas and they can better keep the potential side effects controlled.

There’s another ingredient which you will find in the Dermafi product called Biofil hydrospheres. Some people say that this ingredient can help you create a stronger natural barrier which helps retain moisture. Assuming that it does just that, then you may reduce your chances of having to deal with common skin issues.

As far as the other ingredients are concerned, I’m almost positive that you’ll not find any informaiton at all. Even the listing doesn’t display any accurate info about this product. Not to mention, the number of people that have mentioned just how awful it was and how disappointed they were with it, there’s really no reason for you to even bother reading the product details.

I’ll get into some of the product reviews, but before I do I just want to make it clear that I strongly suggest you connect with a dermatologist before you go applying this product to your skin.

The Free Trial

Speaking of puchasing the product. Based on my research, the Dermafi Snake Venom Peptide Cream was once available in a free trial program. The product was previously marketed as being free for a certain period of time, after which the company takes it upoin themselves to bill you and send you more product. The trial lasts 30 days and if not canceled within a 15 day period, you will be charged for the product. Many people don’t realize this when they see this happen.

The problem is that you’re spending more money than anticipated and most people cannot stand free trials. They fail to read the fine print and simply go for it. My advice would be to dodge this bullet if you can.

Conclusion: Dermafi Is Awful For So Many Reasons

For starters, the product is nothing special. They’ve created some synthetic version of snake venom and tossed it in some poorly designed packaging and that’s it. Not to mention, the products are essentially nowhere to be found when you actually want to buy them. The corporate website is down, products are only sold on shady aftermarket sites like eBay and the Amazon listing lacks everything other than a bunch of negative reviews.

If you’re looking for a product that contains syn-ake, then might I suggest trying this instead. You’ll have far better luck if you do, trust me. Oh, and the best part is that you don’t have to worry about your card getting banged every 30 days.

Dermafi Review
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