Demi Lovato Reveals Her Perfect Skin Secret


Demi Lovato has undeniably perfect skin. If you’re going to argue with me on that one then we’re going to have a problem! Demi Lovato recently revealed her secret to perfect skin. I’ve got the scoop on everything she’s shared and I’m going to pass it along to you today.

Demi Lovato Skin Care Secrets
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Demi Lovato’s Skin Secrets

For those of you that haven’t seen the new ‘Stone Cold’ music video that Demi Lovato released just recently, you will find it below. For those that have already watched it, you know that her skin is absolutely flawless and it’s quite possible that her skin is considered to be the most flawless in all of Hollywood, CA.

I had a chance to catch up on Hollywoodlife and I recently discovered a number of things that I didn’t know about Demi Lovato and her skin. For starters, Demi has an¬†esthetician named Renee Rouleau that has been working with her for over five years now. Her esthetician also has a line of products that Demi apparently uses religiously.

According to the article that was posted in Hollywoodlife, Demi loves using the BHA Clarifying Serum. In fact, she stated that it “Is a miracle product.” Now if you think that’s all she uses well, you’re wrong. Demi also uses an exfoliating peel before every big event if she can’t see her esthetician in time for one of her scheduled events. If you think she’s only trying to show off for the video then I suggest that you check out Demi’s official Instagram. Each Monday she posts what she refers to as “no makeup Monday” pictures. Check them out and be jealous of her perfect skin. Just kidding, that’s mean. What I meant to say was follow her and get inspired to start treating your skin the way you should!

Here’s the video I was referring to above…

Demi Lovato Reveals Her Perfect Skin Secret
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