David Beckham Set To Launch New Skin Care Line In 2017


David Beckham isn’t shy and he’s certainly not afraid to put his face or body in the limelight. Turns out, the famous soccer player is focusing further on looking good. He’s launching a men’s skin care line venture that I imagine is going to be a big hit. People already make purchases based on what David Beckham promotes, does or wears. The same is likely to occur with this new skin care venture.

david beckham skin care line
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David Beckham’s Skin Care Line Coming Soon

Soon after David Beckham’s wife, Victoria Beckham publically announced that she had a makeup collection hitting the market with Estee Lauder, David let the news out about launching his skin care line with L’Oreal. According to a report that was published by People Magazine, L’Oreal will launch a new brand known as Biotherm Homme. L’Oreal will be the owner of the line with David Beckham soon to create a line with the new brand.  (They also own Revitalift.)

It should come as no surprise that the collaboration is set to take shape. Beckham’s skin care and grooming line will be for men only and it will launch sometime next year. Beckham is also going to be the first brand ambassador of the Biotherm Homme brand.

It seems like he’s focusing on being quick and clean. Here’s a video for you to enjoy where David Beckham shares some personal thoughts on grooming, skin care and his personal opinions on various things.

The products are said to cost under $50 each with roughly a dozen products set to be introduced to the line. I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear very little about the skin care line until it actually hits the market. It will be interesting to see how things unfold with this new line.

David Beckham is likely to play a prominent role in the success that this brand achieves and I think L’Oreal teaming up with Beckham is a guaranteed win. Both the company and the professional ex-soccer player are incredibly successful. I truly don’t see how this can’t work out well for all parties involved. If you’re a guy that’s not using any skin care products and you prefer to use a regular old bar of soap then I can promise you that you’re doing it all wrong. You’ll age quicker than the rest of us and you’ll be kicking yourself for not taking better care of your skin. Remember, you only have one body, treat it with respect!

David Beckham Set To Launch New Skin Care Line In 2017
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