David Beckham Biotherm Campaign Commercial Reveals His Life


As you may know, David Beckham is associated with the L’Oreal men’s skin care line known as Biotherm. His wife, Victoria Beckham, works with Estee Lauder on a collection. Now David is front and center in a huge campaign with Biotherm. He’s been strategizing and campaigning with Biotherm Homme for quite some time now. David recently took a trip to Shanghai to continue doing so. The brand recently launched a campaign known as the #StoryOfMyLife campaign which showcased the Force Supreme Life Essence product by Biotherm Homme.

david beckham biotherm homme campaign

For those unfamiliar with the product, it’s an anti aging product that contains a living micro-organism. Supposedly it contains 5% of Life Plankton, which can help improve common skin issues. Results are said to be present almost instantly and in just a short span of five days, it’s said to help reduce the size of large pores as well as smooth out your skin.

In addition to that, the product claims to strengthen the skin barrier and defense, soothe irritated skin and assist in the skin repairing process. The anti aging Force Supreme Life Essence comes in one 100ml bottle. I believe the product can be purchased for roughly $75 USD.

Check out the video below to see the official commercial.

To celebrate the launch of the campaign, individuals were invited to an event in which four tattoo ink artists in China customized items for people, such as their sneakers, skin (temporarily), and iPhone cases.

As for the product, David says that it really helps boost things up a notch in the morning. He went as far as stating that he feels like his, “Skin is transformed.” While I can’t personally say that I know for a fact that it works, I can say that it looks interesting enough to want to learn more about the product.

For those interested in learning more about the product I suggest you visit the company website for more information.

David Beckham Biotherm Campaign Commercial Reveals His Life
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