Dark Underarms

Dark armpits can be the pits! Okay, now that I got that out of the way, time to get serious about this topic. Dark armpits are extremely common and they are a huge complaint that many women can’t stand dealing with yet they have no choice but to do so. It’s a condition that can be somewhat embarrassing if you have to deal with it.

It’s more of an issue for women that like to wear tank tops and sleeveless shirts. I’m going to explain why people have them, what causes the issue to occur and how to deal with the issue. Keep reading to learn more about dark underarms, the causes and more importantly, the remedies that clear up most pigmented armpits.

dark underarms

What Causes Dark Underarms

Before you start applying every remedy known to man, it’s very important that you get to the bottom of your dark underarm issue and determine the cause. If not, you’re simply masking the issue and not addressing it head on. Determining the cause helps better determine which treatment option you’re best suited for.

Before trying out skin whitening products and home remedies for your underarms, it is important to determine what is causing your darkened armpits. By determining the cause, you can better determine which treatments will work for you. There are a few causes of dark underarms. I’ve shared them with you below.

Stubble Underarms or Hair

It sounds strange but if you have thick hair or you frequently get ingrown hairs, or especially if you have a condition called pili multigemini (where multiple hairs grow out of one pore) then your dark underarm condition might be the result of hair growing beneath your skin. It sounds painful and uncomfortable and believe me it can be! The good news is that treatment is available. It will often require removing hair from under the skin and getting to the root. This is necessary in order to prevent your hair follicles from causing further discoloration.

Acanthosis Nigricans

If you don’t know what acanthosis nigricans is, it’s a condition that can occur in the skin where hyper pigmentation takes place and is black or brown. This condition can occur on other parts of the body such as your neck and groin area. The darkening of skin can occur in most individuals that are 40 or younger.

If you’re somewhat concerned about your dark underarms and you believe that the cause is due to acanthosis nigricans, then you should go see a doctor in order to have tests conducted. It can be brought on by certain health conditions such as obesity, hypothyroidism, diabetes and other conditions.

Dead Skin

Dead skin can be one of the causes of dark underarm areas. It’s quite common for dead skin to build up and cause skin to darken. That’s just scratching the surface though. If you’re a habitual deodorant user, the use of deodorants and antiperspirants can also cause skin to buildup. Using harsh antiperspirants can really cause issues with your skin. The chemicals in these products can be very harmful and can cause serious issues. Both antiperspirant and deodorant can cause buildup to occur.

Natural Dark Pigmentation

Some people have dark armpits and they do so because it can in fact be naturally occurring. Some people have struggled with this issue for their entire lifetime. It can be due to a genetic condition. The condition is more prevalent in people that have darker skin.

Getting Treatment For Dark Underarms

There are plenty of treatments out there for those that have dark underarms. Most people will need to treat the specific condition if they want to clear up their underarms. There are different treatments depending on what causes the condition to exist.

If you have dark underarms and they are due to underarm hair then you should look at changing your removal process. For example, shaving often leads to darker underarms. What you should try and do is remove the hair from the root. This can be accomplished via waxing, epilating and using hair creams. If you see that you have dark underarms and you want to try and reduce the shadows caused by hairs under the skin then you need to do one of the few things mentioned above.

Treatment Having Acanthosis Nigricans

If you have acanthosis nigricans, then you need to seek professional help to get advice on treating your issue. In most cases, obesity is the main reason that people get acanthosis nigricans. You have got to determine the main cause of the condition before you try planning anything. Once determined, you can typically treat the condition and it will eventually go away. Dark skin typically lightens, however it’s quite common for skin to remain dark even after being treated. Results won’t be quick. They take a long time but it’s not impossible.

There’s always applying underarm cream. However, that’s not a guaranteed treatment that works. If you try this and you don’t get the results desired, you probably need to talk to a dermatologist for some other type of treatment.

Dead Skin Buildup

If your issue is just dead skin buildup then all you need to do is simply exfoliate more often. That usually does the trick! You should use a pumice stone and a loofa to remove dead skin cells. You can also create your own homemade exfoliating cream. Brown sugar and olive oil are a good choice. You can also purchase a scrub at the store if you prefer to do that as well.

Harsh Products

If you’re using harsh antiperspirants, then you need to make a decision to change up your product selection. Stop using harsh products. Replace them with a more natural product or something gentler. You can always use an active skin whitening product or you can apply coconut oil to your armpits.

Natural Pigmentation

If your issue is genetic related, then you’re probably going to have to begin incorporating a skin whitening product. You can pick this up at any drug store or even Amazon. However, it’s really best to consult a dermatologist to determine which product is best suited for your personal needs.

The bottomline is that dark underarms can be really embarrassing and if you’re not completely dedicated to fixing this issue, you’re never going to clear it up. The important thing to do is to take action!

Dark Underarms
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