Dangerous Skin Infections To Avoid Getting At The Gym


I love working out and I do it almost daily. Pretty much once six days a week if I’m lucky enough to do so. While you think the gym is a place to enhance or so-called “better” your body, it can also be a burden.

No, I’m not talking about the weights being too heavy or getting tired. I’m referring to dangerous skin infections that that can easily be picked up at the gym. You’re going to want to learn how to avoid these skin conditions at all costs. While some of them may seem minor, I promise that they are not. In fact, they all need to be treated as if they are seriously contagious conditions.

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Skin Infections That You Can Pick Up At The Gym

Sweating at the gym is good and so is burning calories, but picking up skin infections is one you want to avoid! I’ll do my best to cover the worst types of conditions that you might end up acquiring at the gym. In the event that you do, you’ll want to begin treating the condition immediately.

The first type of skin infection that is commonly acquired at the gym is none other than ringworm. This is a difficult fungal infection that can be a huge pain to get rid of. It’s just as difficult if not harder to get rid of this, which can also be picked up at the gym. You’ll know that you’ve acquired the infection because it’s often visible on your skin in the shape of a ring. This infection can actually show up on your skin almost anywhere. Most people tend to get it on their upper body region.

Before using that sweat drenched machine, be sure to wipe it down completely. That will help prevent from acquiring the condition. There are OTC medicines that can be purchased at the local pharmacy to help treat this. Pick up some Lotrimin for starters.

The next infection is known as the staph infection and it’s quite dangerous. It’s caused be a bacteria which can be acquired at the gym among other places. Staphylococcus can be transmitted via any open sores or cuts that you might have. Don’t share your gym towel with anyone and refrain from using dirty mats at the gym. There are certain types of staph infections that can literally lead to death if not properly treated. Don’t take this lightly even for a second because it’s a serious infection.

Next on the list are plantar warts. These are warts that can grow on the bottom of your feet. They are directly related to the HPV virus. If you’re walking around barefoot in the gym, chances are you’re putting yourself at risk of contracting this disease. Wipe down your workout area and never walk barefoot in the locker room. These are difficult to get rid of and they can come back at any time. You’re going to want to seek professional treatment from a podiatrist for this infection.

Another common skin infection that’s often acquired at the gym is athlete’s foot. This is a ringworm that literally develops in between your toes on your feet. It’s extremely itchy and one that you’ll want to avoid at all costs. If you have the unfortunate luck of acquiring this skin condition, then you’ll likely have a rash on your skin with cracked or chapped looking skin between your feet. Again, never walk around the gym with your shoes off (even in the shower). If you do end up with this infection, purchase Lotrimin or even Tinactin and use it religiously. Do not wait too long to take action.

In fact, if you end up with any of the skin infections mentioned above, fo no wait to treat it. Prolonging the inevitable is only going to make things worse! These are just a few of the many problems that people have with their skin. There are plenty of other problems listed right here, so check them out to see if you have any of them!

Dangerous Skin Infections To Avoid Getting At The Gym
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