Cystic Acne Patient Clears Up Skin In Record Time


I’m a firm believer in trying things until you find something that works best. That holds true no matter what you’re dealing with in life. Yes, even cystic acne! Many people suffer from this condition and they have to deal with it for years at a time. Trust me, if you’ve ever had to with cystic acne (find out what it is here) or even just spots or blemishes then you know just how absolutely awful it can be.

Well, in this particular case, a woman spent years suffering from cystic acne and she documented her regimen after trying just about everything. Guess what, she found the perfect routine that apparently helped her get rid of her entire cystic acne issue. The results are pretty crazy and quite astonishing if I do say so myself.

Full disclosure: I’d like to mention that we’re not sharing this information exclusively. In fact, it was all shared socially for the first time on Reddit and I’m just passing the information on to our readers.

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Hard Work Pays Off – The Cystic Acne Fighting Routine

A Reddit user posted on in the SkincareAddiction section and she revealed everything that she did to fix her skin. Based on what I know, it seems like two things played a major role in the process here. According to the Reddit user Egotr4p, it was a whole lot of hard work and retinol that made this happen.

I’m shocked that she never saw a dermatologist to make this happen. Before I get into the routine that she used to clear things up, I want you to check out her before picture (above to the left) and her after picture (above to the right) to get an idea of what a difference all this made.

Her Morning Routine

This Reddit user laid out her exact routine both AM and PM but I’ll cover the morning routine first. So, to kick start the day, she always started with the Ponds Cucumber Cleanser. We’re big fans of the Cold Cream they make so the cleanser is approved as well. Then she followed up with Hada Labo Whitening Toner. While I’ve never used this, I’m very intrigued now.

Then it came time to apply the serum. This is a top product that she used and a best-seller from what I know. Her product of choice was the Peter Thomas Roth Vitamin C Serum. After that, she applied The Ordinary Niacinimide product. This brand is an up and coming brand for sure. I actually like the clean packaging that this product comes in. To close out her morning routine, she went with Aquaphor and Biore UV watery gel.

Before I share her nighttime routine, I’d like to confirm that she’s gone vegan and that doing so has made quite a difference. While I’ve never personally taken the vegan route, I do know people that have gone that route and they claim it makes a huge difference. I cannot say that I agree 100% with them but to each their own right! At any rate, time for the evening routine…

Her Evening Routine

Egotr4p kicked things off with a little bit of micellar water, followed by once again the Ponds Cucumber Cleanser, the CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser, the Hada Labo Whitening Toner and then the real magical product – tretnoin 0.025%. Most of the time you need a prescription for the tretnoin 0.025% cream, but she claims that she did not have one. Now, it’s not a great way to do it that way, but it works.

We cannot recommend that you go out and get a product that requires a prescription and not use one. It would not be right for us to do that.

mario badescu serum

She rounded out her routine with Mario Badescu Peptide Renewal and finally Aquaphor.

You’re probably wondering whether or not she does well with this one a monthly basis. Based on what she’s shared she will only break out with a pimple or two every so often. As for the cystic acne, her issues have completely cleared up for good. If you’re still struggling, then my advise would be to give this a shot and see what happens.

Cystic Acne Patient Clears Up Skin In Record Time
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