Customizable Oils For Skin Are Now Trending


Not long ago, I’m sure you recall that the trip to the local pharmacy or grocery store for skin products took less than five minutes. Well, things certainly have changed and they’ve done so for the better I guess. The reason I say that is because many of the products that people use today are specifically made “just for you.”

What do I mean by that? Well, I mean that you can basically customize or at a minimum pick up any type of product that caters to the exact type of skin that you have. Now, if you’re into using oils on your skin, then you’ll be happy to know that oiling up in a personalized manner is here and it’s here to stay! We’ve got one individual living in New York to thank for that. Her name is Jasmine Garnsworthy. After fighting acne for years through the use of prescription drugs, she decided to take a different approach.

At one point, Jasmine had been researching alternative medicines and she came up with the idea of creating customizable oils for beauty treatments. What this really entailed was determining what happens to people’s skin and the biggest concerns that they’ve had with it. At which point, a customized blend could then be created especially for them. That’s where the brand, “The Buff” came from!

Customizable Oils For Skin

Customized Oils For Your Skin Are Here

Let me explain what they have and how this works exactly. Garnsworthy was having a bad acne breakout some time back, so she started investigating alternative solutions versus using creams and pills prescribed by her dermatologist. Nothing was helping fix her skin. She then decided to replace all the synthetic ingredients and products with natural, organic alternatives, essentially simplifying her entire routine.

One thing that made a huge difference was the oiling that she did every single day. It really helped her clear up her acne as well as scarring. Her new skin care routine included the use of jojoba oil and she loved it. She soon found herself studying for a diploma in organic skin care and soon after, she launched her brand soon after!

What you probably didn’t know was that she takes the personalization to another level with monogramming as well as customizing each order that gets placed. She believes in beauty oils as being great for the individual that wants to multi-task their skin care efforts.

Her most popular oil is by far the jojoba face oil which can help improve someone’s skin that might be oily, or prone to blemishes. I suggest that you check out her products if you’re interested in taking the natural, organic approach to skin care for a change. I’m pretty certain that she’s got something just for you!

I encourage you to check out her official website for more information. You can visit it by clicking here. If you or anyone that you know has ever had any experience using the It’s The Buff products, then we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to find us on social media and send us a message. We love talking to people about their adventures in skin care!

Customizable Oils For Skin Are Now Trending
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