Curology Review – A Prescription Strength Convenient Acne Fighter.

I recently learned about Curology and the service that the company provides. I’ve got to say that I was really impressed with it. So much that I wanted to learn everything I could about the company and the products associated with the brand. There are quite a few things that jumped out at me about this brand. When it comes to skin care today and the advancements that we’ve made via innovation and technology, treating your skin has actually never been easier.

Science actually makes it pretty easy today. If you’re having issues and you want to heal or treat your skin, then you can do so pretty easily. Concerns that were once serious problems are no longer looked as such. That goes for acne issues as well. Some people turn to products that contain prescription grade ingredients and that’s not exactly where the buck stops. Consumers are opting for 100% personally customized skin care solutions in order to treat their conditions. Curology is at the forefront of that type of treatment and I’m going to tell you all the reasons why.

curology reviews

What Is Curology Skin Care?

The Curology skin care company was created by two dermatologists residing in San Diego, CA. The brand was born in an attempt to help those suffering from various forms of acne. They’ve taken this a step further than most providing a personalized treatment system and approach to things.

Who benefits most from Curology? Well, if I had to take a guess, I’d say that the people who benefit most from this type of system are those that might not be connected with a dermatologist in their local area or those that may not have any access to a dermatologist in general. Curology is somehow able to provide options for patients looking for products that only dermatologists typically provide consumers.

Here’s how they are able to do this. The Curology consumer is paired up with an acne expert and at that point, a medical relationship is established. The dermatologist who specializes in acne and the patient in need of care is able to get guidance and access to products based on recommendations from the Curology medical team. Make no mistake about it, these are all licensed specialists who have the right to treat patients with acne issues.

The products that Curology creates are unique in every sense of the way, meaning that each of the medications have been carefully created at the lab in San Diego based on the specific conditions that you may have. It’s a marriage between advanced skin care technology, medical care, and pharmaceutical grade ingredients, and convenience that make this work.

How Does Curology Work?

I’ve provided you with the basics in terms of what the brand does and how they do it. Now you probably want to know more about the acne system that they have in place and how it actually works. Chances are you’re a bit skeptical.

I get it, most people are skeptical when they first hear about it. That is, until they dive deeper and really get a good understanding of how it works.

Just to be clear, you do not have to physically visit any dermatologists office of any kind. Instead, Curology is able to create a customized solution through the use of technology and a proven acne treatment system. There are four steps to the entire process, that’s it. I’ll lay out each of the steps for you right here below…

Step 1: The Questionnaire

You will be asked to complete a questionnaire which will provide further insight into your personal condition and thus give the Curology dermatologists more information for prescribing the proper treatment. They will ask you what your ultimate goals are when it comes to your skin and what type of routine you’re doing to take for your skin. You will also be asked to share some information about the products that you’ve tried and whether or not they worked.

Step 2: The Photos

Once Curology has a fair grasp of your medical condition, then they request that you upload photos of your skin. These photos will help the dermatologists on duty make a decision about how to treat your skin. The uploading of photos doesn’t stop right there though. You’ll need to be prepared to upload photos as necessary during your check-up routines. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. Once Curology has the photos, then it’s time to move on to the next step.

Step 3: Getting The Product

This is the fun step, where you finally have a chance to fight off your acne issues. The Curology company will send you products which have been personalized just for you based on your condition. This product is your acne medication and it’s delivered right to your front door. No pharmacy visits required and no dermatologist office visits required either. You will be instructed on how to use the product daily. Do that, do just that and nothing else.

Step 4: Progress Tracker

The final step is keeping track of the progress you’ve made through using the Curology products. You will need to upload photos to track the progress. Think of this as a skin care diary of some sort.

Whatever your skin care goals may be, they’ve got a solution for you and at prescription strength too.

The treatments that they offer will help with various things such as dark spot issues, clogged pores, acne, wrinkles, sagging, and more. The company isn’t shy about making promises either. Based on the research that I’ve done, they claim that you should see a 90% decrease in acne issues and a 30%+ increase in firmer skin should you use the products as directed.

The Main Curology Ingredients

curology ingredients

I love the fact that the company shares the main ingredients that it uses on its website. For those curious, the most commonly used are vitamin C, niacinamide, tretinoin, zinc pyrithione, clindamycin, and azelaic acid. Each one of these ingredients has been added to the formulas for a specific reason. They call them super ingredients and it’s because they really are super.

What’s It Cost?

So, if you want to give this a try it’s only going to cost you shipping for the first month. However, the Curology system works on a monthly subscription basis. So, if you do decide to try it out, it’ll cost you $19.95 a month until you cancel. They have a 90-day money back guarantee too. Curology is a social media monster on Instagram and Facebook. Check out the pages to see how many people follow them and give the product a try if you dare. One thing is certain, if you do nothing, then expect nothing in terms of change.

Try the products out – click here.

Curology Review – A Prescription Strength Convenient Acne Fighter.
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