Cure Hangover Skin By Doing These Things


Just like the rest of your body, you skin can feel hungover. A skin hangover can truly be the pits as it’s super distracting and can have a negative effect on the rest of your life. When you drink too much alcohol, your skin suffers the consequences, big time! For starters, I suggest you start making better life choices. You can’t float through life living like a college freshman getting drunk on a regular basis. That’s just completely irresponsible. The good news is that you’ve got time to fix things and with a little bit of focus you may be able to improve your skin. Below you will find a few things that can help cure hangover skin.

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Simple Things To Cure Skin That’s Hungover

Some of these things may be no-brainers but they need to be mentioned and more importantly then must be completed to fix your skin.

Water And Some More Water

Sure, this is a given but you need to protect your skin by rehydrating the heck out of your body. There’s literally nothing on the face of this earth that’s going to help you rehydrate better than plain old water. Drink lots of it and make it a priority to do so or you’ll never have perfect skin.

Scrub Away Dead Skin

The next step is to scrub away any nasty dead skin. You’ll want to bring your skin back to life and rid your body of any dull skin. Take the time to scrub up and then follow that up with a solid moisturizer that’s packed with vitamins and minerals.

Eye Bag Treatment

Majority of the time, you’re going to have a hard time trying to cure any skin hangover without incorporating something that fights those terrible under eye bags. There are plenty of options out there for you in terms of treatment. I’ve had some seriously late nights in Miami that made me look like one of the zombies in The Walking Dead. Thanks to some eye treatment solutions, I was able to reduce my puffiness and dark circles. Shop around for something and find what works best for you.

Moisture Mask

Some people swear by the moisture mask. It’s basically a mask that you leave on your face for a short period of time. In that ten minute window, your skin can literally become so hydrated that it can sometimes revert back to it’s normal self.

Oil Overnight

Last but not least, there’s an added step that’s for people with really dry skin. If it’s close to bedtime and your skin still feels like its dry as the desert, then try applying some oil under your night cream or moisturizer. It’s a recovery secret that many people find effective.

These few things should help cure hangover skin from a long weekend of abusing your body. Oh, and for gosh sakes, start taking better care of your body! You only have one and it’s not worth it to damage your skin or body.

Cure Hangover Skin By Doing These Things
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