Denise Cartwright Launches CRUDE Skin Care System


Denise Cartwright is a master esthetician and developer of CRUDE. It is a skin care system that was developed to heal damaged skin. Cartwright always struggled with dry and patchy skin. Skin that was inflamed and all this despite the high end treatments and products that she used at spas like the charcoal face wash (which we cover here). The problem is that soaps are disruptive to the skin’s healing process and its microbiome that occurs naturally. Soaps aggravate the skin. Exfoliants strip the skin of vital nutrients.

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Photo of CRUDE Skin Care detox mask

Denise Cartwright Created CRUDE Skin Care Products

So in 2012, Cartwright began experimenting with a new method of skin care called the oil cleansing method. Because the skin is designed to self heal it actually knows what it should be doing. So CRUDE works well. Many people are accustomed to using oils such as coconut and olive oils. These are comedogenic. That means that the clog pores. When using CRUDE you start with Everything Oil. It is a cleanser and moisturizer. It is designed for all skin types. It is meant to cleanse and dissolve makeup and dirt and not strip the natural moisture barrier of the skin.

The microfiber cloth is designed to pull away makeup and dirt from the skin. This helps reduce the chances of an infection and keeps your skin deep cleaned without the need for a scrubbing or irritation. This is very important when cleansing with oil and using just water will not remove all of the oil and bacteria that exists on the skin. The Bloom Regenerative Oil is for really advanced deep cleaning of your skin. It helps to fight acne and inflamed skin. It counters negative tones and nourishes otherwise dry and damaged skin. It also works to soften those stretch marks and scars and brightens dark circles under the eyes and skin dullness.

Denise Cartwright Launches CRUDE Skin Care System
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