Crepey Skin

Not sure whether or not you are a victim of crepey skin? You’ll soon find out! Do you have crepey skin on your face? How about your arms or your neck? Not sure whether or not a cream, ointment or serum exists to cure it? Well, I’m here to share some insight on this awful looking skin condition.

crepey skin factsWhat Is Crepey Skin And How To Improve It

Majority of the people that have crepey skin know exactly what it looks like when they see it on their body or other people’s bodies. Having this type of skin doesn’t mean that you just have basic deep wrinkles due to the inevitable aging process. No, not at all! It’s the type of skin that exists which might look somewhat similar the rough skin on your elbows. It’s extremely unattractive and can be downright embarrassing, to say the least.

Crepey skin exists for a number of reasons. One reason this ugly skin can appear (especially on the face) is due to your body reducing the amount of elastin and collagen that it’s producing. Proteins that are responsible for allowing your skin to stretch and contract can often begin to sag and/or wrinkle as you continue to age. Another reason why this skin appears is simply because old skin displays itself in your wrinkles and deep facial lines. In other individuals, smaller, prominent, wrinkles can often appear on your skin giving it that crepey looking appearance.

In the event that crepey skin becomes present, it will surely continue to get much worse as time goes on unless you take action immediately. If you want to improve the visibility of crepey skin then you need to start applying a topical product that works to target crepey skin as well as other aging signs.

Another factor in acquiring crepey skin is the amount of moisture your skin is able to retain. As you get older, your skin gets much drier and your body slows down the process in which it regenerates cells. As a result, the natural oils that new cells produce is also reduced. The reduction impacts your bodies ability to rid itself of dead skin cells and other nasty pathogens that exist in and on your body. A decrease in oils results in more wrinkles and can ultimately result in having crepey skin.

Lastly, if you’ve been dieting and you’ve lost a significant amount of fat, that may be the cause of your crepey skin. Reason being, as you lose fat, your skin gets thinner and it loses the fatty layer underneath it, causing small wrinkles to form at times.

Can You Improve This Type Of Skin?

The good news is…YES, you CAN improve crepey skin. However, in order to improve it, you must first address factors that exist and that may have caused your skin texture to change. Most importantly, if you want to improve crepey skin, you’ve absolutely got to replace the collagen and elastin that has been depleted. There are treatments which can help you rebuild the depleted protein.

There are skin care treatments that can be administered to help improve or increase the production of collagen and elastin. Incorporating hyaluronic acid creams and peptide creams into your skin care regimen can help stimulate cell reproduction.

You can also look into mesotherapy treatment, which is the injection of a mixture of vitamins and other healthy natural ingredients which further stimulate collagen and elastin production.

Last but not least, you can look into getting laser treatments. These CO2 laser treatments help further irritate low layers of the skin, thus forcing your body to produce more collagen to heal itself.

Common Problems

Dry skin and even crepey skin are very common issues with aging. As our skin ages, people often neglect to change up their routines accordingly. This often results in more dry skin issues. The good news is that there are ways to drastically improve your dry skin. Whatever you do, you need to get treatment and one of the following options might be a could option for you.

Begin to incorporate a good moisturizer that contains retinoids. If you’re not entirely sure what retinoids are or where retinol comes from, then you should educate yourself on the what vitamin A can do for your skin. It’s great for those that want to reduce wrinkles and moisten their skin.

Another option for relieving dry skin is getting microdermabrasion treatments. This can be done professionally or you can get yourself a microdermabrasion device and do it yourself at home. The scrubbing of the device helps stimulate the production of new skin cells.

If you’ve got crepey skin as a result of losing fat, then you need to fix that saggy wrinkled skin using dermal fillers. These are fillers where collagen orĀ hyaluronic acid is injected into layers of your skin. This causes your skin to replace collagen in your body that is missing.

In the event that you find yourself stumped with what to do about your crepey skin or overly excessive wrinkles then I strongly suggest you visit your local dermatologist. They will for certain know exactly what you need to do to reduce this skin on your face and other areas of your body. The important thing to do is take action sooner rather than later.


Crepey Skin
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