Crepe Erase By Guthy Renker

Do you have crepey skin? Not sure what that even means? Crepey skin is skin that extremely dry and thin. Lots of mature men and women have to deal with this problem as they age. There’s a product line that confidently stands up to test crepey skin, claiming to be able to essentially “erase” the skin from your body. Ironically, the company behind this product line is called Crepe Erase. The company that runs Crepe Erase currently has a half of a dozen products that they create. They have a facial scrub, body lotion, body polish, eye serum, facial treatment, and more. The product is currently marketed by a globally recognized brand known as Guthy Renker.

crepe erase crepey skin product review

Before you go buying the products, I’m going to suggest that you read the reviews that exist online. You find that many of the reviews speak highly of the brand while others kind of bash the company, stating that they don’t deliver. What I really suggest is that read this company review and learn about Crepe Erase treatments offered. See which treatment works best for crepey skin by trying them out, or you can speak with a dermatologist about some other products that help with this type of skin condition. This is an extremely common issue that people have and there are very specific ingredients that can help improve this condition. But first, let’s discuss what causes the crepey skin to begin with.

What Actually Causes Crepey Skin?

The company behind Crepe Erase claims to be able to treat crepey skin as well as tighten your skin. What you need to determine is the underlying cause of your condition. Basically, the most common cause is a reduction in collagen production and a lack of elastin fibers. Plain and simple, deterioration of elastin and collagen production are the main problem. As your body changes, your skin becomes thin, dry and stretched out. If you want to learn more about what causes this condition, then might I suggest that you read this page.

The Ingredients

It doesn’t take long to identify the fact that the company makes claims about being able to fix crepey skin. They claim to have created TruFirm which is a plant extract included amongst the list of ingredients on the labels of their products.

The problem with this is that the TruFirm complex is somewhat proprietary without full disclosure of the blend. Not understanding the specifics behind the extract makes it difficult to know what exactly is making it effective or ineffective.

Although some of the third party reviews state just how effective the Crepe Erase products are, not all of them are positive. In terms of formulas, there are people out there claiming that the ingredients are nothing other than very common moisturizers. The moisturizers I’m referring to are olive oil, cocoa butter, shea butter and other common ingredients. I absolutely cannot confirm whether or not these ingredients are in the Crepe Erase products. However, should they be, then I’m sure consumers may be a bit confused or questioning the product and it’s effectiveness.

What’s The Problem Exactly?

Well, the problem is that the ingredients listed above don’t exactly help to improve collagen production. Many of the products are not confirmed to include vitamin C and palmitoyl pentapeptide-3 which are both important ingredients for anyone looking to improve their crepey looking skin. If you want to know more about the specific ingredients, then you’re going to have to do some recon work yourself. Might I encourage you to check out the company website for more ingredient information? I’m not saying that you’ll definitely be able to find out everything that’s within each product, but it’s worth trying to figure it out before using.

Buying The Crepe Erase Products

Assuming that you’ve done your research and you want to try them out, then might I suggest that you head on over to the company website to purchase the products. Should you decide to try and buy them on sites like Craigslist and eBay, you’ll be putting yourself at risk of buying expired products. If you want to skip all that nonsense and just make a phone call to buy them, then call 1-888-708-2042.

Another alternative might be checking out, but I’d suggest avoiding Ebay and other shady third-party retail sites.

How Much Is It?

The cost to purchase Crepe Erase products vary. If you want to start with something they consider to be “introductory,” then your cost will be $39.95 each month. The cost varies depending on what you want to buy.

Side Effects

No side effects have been reported that we know of. Sure, some reviews have stated that the products cause irritation, but that’s nothing major really. Just something people with sensitive skin have to deal with. What you need to do to avoid all that is connect with a dermatologist and ask their professional opinion on the Crepe Erase products. If anyone has seen side effects from this, it’s most likely a local doctor.

Other Reviews

Take a look around the Internet and you might find some mixed product reviews. The most negative thing that people have to say about this company is the replenishment system and recurring billing. It makes it that much harder to cancel charges. Some have also mentioned that the products don’t’ work. All I can say is to use your best judgment and form your own opinion. Every review wasn’t negative. In fact, some people had great things to say about Crepe Erase.

Crepe Erase By Guthy Renker
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