This Crazy Skin Removal Surgery Required 2,400 Stitches!


It’s not uncommon for people that lose a lot of weight to require surgery. They have so much excess skin that they often require skin tightening treatments. Some people choose to forgo surgery and they attempt to get their skin tighter taking a non-invasive approach. However, surgery is often the best approach.

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Florida Man Gets Surgery To Remove His Loose Skin

Many people take diet pills such as Shredz, and they incorporate a healthy workout routine in hopes of losing as much weight as possible. The good news is that all of these things are really good for your skin. Well, a man named Zach Moore nearly did the unthinkable. He dropped over 300 lbs. within a two year period.

This was such an incredible accomplishment that Zach was featured on an episode of The Doctors. Zach had a few things to say about the changes that he’s made and the impact that it’s had on his life. The removal of his required thousands of stitches. I’m sure it wasn’t easy trying to deal with all those stitches but it must have been much easier than dealing with all that extra weight.

Zach More said,”With the help of The Doctors, along with the help of Dr. Thomas Trevisani, they have taken my life to the next level of just, happiness.”

I’m extremely impressed with the results that Zach has been able to achieve. While we typically focus on skin, I wanted to take today to focus on overall health and wellness in this update. If you want nice skin, then you need to eat foods that help improve your skin condition. That’s one of the first things that I always suggest to someone dealing with bad skin and weight issues.

Zach was able to get his weight under control and him and his wife eat clean these days. What I can say about living healthy a lifestyle is that it can certainly do wonders for your skin. Most people that have bad skin don’t eat well at all. If you can cut out processed foods like Zach did, it’s a great start towards healthier living.

If you’re interested in finding more out about Zach’s transformation. Assuming that you want to lose weight like Zach did, you’ll need to do a couple of things. What you’ll want to first do is get on a strict diet and exercising schedule. What I mean by that is that you need to evaluate your caloric intake and adjust it accordingly. You’ll also need to try your best to burn more calories than you’re consuming.

This Crazy Skin Removal Surgery Required 2,400 Stitches!
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    • The pleasure is all mine, Zach. Keep up the fantastic work and thanks so much for sharing your inspirational story with the world!