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We all know how tough life can be when suffering from things like hyperpigmentation and other related skin issues which cause dark patches to develop. If you’re battling melasma, then you need to incorporate a treatment or a number of treatments if you want to improve your skin condition. That’s exactly why many use the cosmelan peel to improve their skin. This is a type of peel that functions quite similar to how an alpha hydroxy acid peels functions but it’s been formulated to specifically target darker spots on your skin and the pigmentation problems that come along with this type of condition.

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If you’re up for getting treatments in your doctor’s office or better yet, at a local med spa, then you can get the cosmelan peel treatment done by them. It is definitely not a treatment that you can do in the comfort of your own home by yourself. Sure, there are tons of alternative treatments out there that can better treat hyperpigmentation and melasma. You can easily pick these up at the local store. Some people pick up creams, chemical peels, even serums but they almost always lack the results that you’d like to achieve.

Before you take further action and call your dermatologist to get a cosmelan peel you must research things and get a better idea of what to expect. Chances are you’ll soon discover a few things about the pre, during, and post treatment process that you did not know.

cosmelan peel kitWhat Exactly Is A Cosmelan Peel?

For those unfamiliar with what a cosmelan peel is, it’s a treatment that consists of two steps. A simple peel is applied to your skin via a local dermatologist at an office or spa. The peel is kept on the skin for a few hours and consumers typically remove the mask by washing it off in the comfort of their own home, many hours later.

Once the consumer has removed the mask from their face, a cream is then applied the skin in an attempt to protect any new skin that’s set to form in the future.

Now, what you need to know is that the cosmelan peel is slightly different from the many skin brightening masks and peels. The ingredients are actually different as they are meant to treat a condition known as melasma and hyperpigmentation. For those unfamiliar with melasma, it’s a condition which can develop due to hormonal changes that occur in a woman’s body due to pregnancy and/or menopause. Hyperpigmentation is a condition that occurs due to excessive exposure to the sure as well as genetics.

If you’re the type that has already attempted to incorporate creams containing the ingredients tretinoin and hydroquinone without any positive results and perhaps bad reactions, then a cosmelan peel might be the answer to your problems. Fear not, the cosmelan peel does not contain any of the two ingredients that I’ve just mentioned. Speaking of ingredients, let me cover exactly what this peel consists of.

The Ingredients In A Cosmelan Peel

There are very specific ingredients in this type of peel. The ingredients are not nearly as harsh on your skin as the other types of peels out there that incorporate skin brightening factors. Those that cause bad side effects are not incorporated here and instead the use of something known as azelaic acid is used. This specific ingredient does its part to kill bacteria that live on the surface of your skin. It also encourages healthy new cell growth and production.

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You’ll notice that the cosmelan peel also contains something known as kojic acid. This acid works to help inhibit melanin production. It’s a fungi that is completely natural. As you may know, melanin is a pigment and one of the main reasons why your skin appears to be the color that it is. Applying a cosmelan peel will prevent pigmentation from occurring.

If you do as instructed and you apply the cream during the post-mask phase, then you’ll also get a fair dosage of both kojic acid as well as phytic acid. Assuming that you have several hours to get this treatment done, then I suggest you plan on doing during the weekend or when you don’t need to be presentable so to speak. You’ll be wearing the mask for several hours then treating your skin for an even longer period of time shortly after.

Setting Expectations

If you’re going to use the cosmelan peel then you need to set some realistic expectations here. But first, here’s what you should expect with regards to the actual treatment process. First, you can anticipate that your skin doctor will want to thoroughly cleanse your skin. He or she will do this in order to remove any dirt or grime that’s built up as well as dead skin. They will then apply the make and leave it on your skin for many hours, possibly suggesting that it remain on for up to eight hours.

Once you’ve returned home, you will then need to remove the cosmelan peel mask by gently washing it off and then immediately following that up with a cream. The cream is to be applied daily until your skin has healed completely. It may take several peel treatments in order for results to be noticeable.

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Side Effects

Like using many other pigmentation peels and treatments, this one does have some side effects. The good news is that the peel is not nearly as harsh as those containing alpha hydroxy acids and hydroquinone. The most you’ll see is some redness on your skin, peeling throughout the treatment period and some tightness on your actual skin. The individual that’s suggested and provided the treatment can best advise you on what to do should any side effects occur.


If you have hyperpigmentation issues and you’re looking for a fix, yet many other treatments and creams haven’t worked, then I’d suggest giving this a shot. You’ll need to reach out to your local dermatologist in order to get a second opinion but that’ll give you an idea as to whether or not this is the right treatment for you. After all, getting advice from a professional is always the best route to take in my opinion.

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Cosmelan Peel
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  1. When can Cosmelan Mask 1 be repeated? Areas where there is a lot of melasma didn’t peel much. It has been 8 weeks and still using Cosmelan 2 twice a day. Does there need to be a break from the product before repeating procedure due to either sensitivity or skin may have become used to the product and the second time will not be effective?