Coolsculpting Dualsculpting

We all want to look great and feel our best. But some of us have parts of our body that contain stubborn areas of fat. And for some reason these fat parts of our body just can’t seem to get into shape no matter how hard we try.

You might be thinking that there is nothing you can do about this unless you undergo some type of dangerous surgery. And you are probably unhappy about the thought of having to go under the knife in order to look your best. We are proud to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. There is a procedure that works wonders for eliminating stubborn fat deposits and it’s called Coolsculpting Dualsculpting.  We first heard about this by Dr. Shino Bay, a Fort Lauderdale Dermatologist.  His YouTube channel features this video on the entire process:

Would you like to learn about it? We’ll fill you in on all of the details right now.

Coolsculpting Dualsculpting and FDA Clearance

First up on the agenda is FDA clearance. We wanted to bring this to your attention immediately to let you know that this treatment is incredibly safe. The FDA has given it full clearance, and this means that they have reviewed all of the clinical trial information and have deemed this treatment effective and safe.

So, if you are concerned that you might be putting yourself at risk, please lay your fears to rest. The FDA in the United States is telling you that this procedure is safe and sound and that you have nothing to fear.

Why Should I Consider Coolsculpting Dualsculpting over Plastic Surgery?

In all honesty, this procedure is very effective and it provides many phenomenal benefits that you are going to love. The main reasons why we feel this treatment is so powerful it is because of the following:

  • You are not required to undergo surgery – other than diet and exercise, the most typical way to get rid of unwanted fat is through some type of surgery, whether it be liposuction, gastric bypass surgery, or the latest fad to come out of the medical industry. But all of that has changed now that smart dermatologists are using Coolsculpting Dualsculpting as a better, safer, and more effective alternative treatment. There’s no need to go under the knife any longer. This procedure can get rid of unwanted fat deposits by freezing them. It’s incredibly effective and very safe.
  • Surgical downtime is no longer necessary – for the most part, when people get rid of fat through surgery they have to undergo long and drawn out downtime. Let’s face it. These people are getting their bodies cut open and obviously you need a long time to recover from that. With this procedure, the only thing taking place is minor freezing. So the recipient of the procedure can actually go back to their normal routine right after the doctor is through.
  • Quick results – you’ll immediately notice minor results and they will improve within three weeks. But even better, three months down the line you’ll look even better. And then four months and six months later you’ll see even more improvements. The results of this procedure get better with age.

This is one of the most advanced skin care treatments that you can use to eliminate stubborn body fat, and you’ll hear a lot more about it very soon from your local Dermatologist.

You can also learn more about the Coolsculpting treatment on this page.

New:  Watch our own editor get this procedure done.  Before and after pics.

Coolsculpting Dualsculpting
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