Contribute is currently looking for people that can provide material suitable to its purposes and become its contributors. Contributors may also be reimbursed for their contributions.

If you wish to be a contributor and help others while achieving your goals, plea follow this process:

  • The interested party must complete the contributor’s application and provide information asked for (background, business) and what it is that they can contribute, including links to samples.
  • Contact editors for the available projects for assignment.
  • Produce an outline to the project that they are assigned and submit it for approval after which a payment will be sent via PayPal.
  • Complete the project and provide video footage.
  • Submit the raw video footage to the editors along with any notes. The video will either receive approval or revisions may be requested.
  • Once the video is finally approved a talent fee will also be paid via PayPal.
  • Receive the next project and repeat the process.

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