Common Habitual Actions That Are Destroying Your Skin


We all have bad habits and dealing with them is hard. Some of us have a harder time than others. Did you know that your bad habits could be the reason why you’re having so many skin issues? It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been actively caring for your skin via the use of products or if you’re bypassing them altogether – you could be destroying your skin, regardless. Most of the time it has to do with mistakes that you’re doing.

I’ve covered a half dozen bad habits that can make or break your skin condition. I’ve done my best to keep this short, sweet, and to the point.

bad habits destroying your skin

Bad Habits Possibly Destroying Your Skin

These bad habits are bound to make your skin look worse and they may actually put you at risk if you’re not taking the right precautions. Here’s what you need to know.

Skipping Steps

Do you ever find yourself skipping the basics? I’m talking about using a solid cleanser, a top-notch moisturizer, and a positively rated SPF. If you’re not investing in those skin care basics and you’re skipping the steps then my guess is that you’ll find yourself with older looking skin far quicker than you’d like.

Face Wipes

Are you the type that opts for the use of face wipes versus using a traditional cleanser? Sure, this sounds like a convenient way to protect your skin but it’s actually a bad habit that’s stripping your natural skin barrier and pH levels. It’s because these contain alcohol and that alcohol really changes everything about your skin.

Taking Bad Advice

We turn to the Internet for just about everything today. While there’s lots of good information out there that people publish, there’s also a lot of garbage. Trust me, there is more bad advice than good on the web. Do yourself a solid and avoid self-proclaimed bloggers and things of that nature. We do our best to give the most sound advice possible but if your skin is really suffering and you’re in a bad spot, then you’re better off taking things offline and connecting with a real doctor.

Post-Workout Action

If you’re not washing your face immediately after you’ve completed your workout, then you’re doing it wrong. Get your skin clean immediately after your workout. If you go to the gym, then use your cleanser at the gym once you finish your workout session.

Skipping SPF On Cloudy Days

If you’re not wearing SPF on cloudy days, then you’re doing it wrong. It has nothing to do with how sunny it is out there. Even on cloudy days, you can find yourself putting your skin in harm’s way if you’re not protecting it. Not using SPF can really cause your skin to become dull and it will age much faster than you can even imagine.

Using Low-Quality Products

Believe it or not, using products that are considered to be low-quality can perhaps be worse for your skin versus not using anything at all. Hey, that’s my personal opinion on it and I’m sticking to it. Some of those low-quality products clog your pores and they can make things worse. Unless you’re using a night cream or nighttime product that cleanses and rejuvenates, then you should avoid beauty products completely.

Frequent Face Mask Use

Using face masks can certainly be a game changer for your skin, but if you’re using a face mask too frequently then you’re going to find yourself in a lot of trouble. If your skin is oily then you should not be using a face mask more frequently than ten days.

People with normal skin can think about incorporating a mask once a week but that’s about it. Using masks too frequently can wreak havoc and do more harm than good. Oh, and if you’re sporting sensitive skin and conditions like inflammation and rosacea then forget it. You need to be very careful with what you put on your skin.

I guess if you take one thing away it’s that doing something isn’t necessarily always the best approach. Bad habits destroy your skin and that’s how that goes. If you can avoid doing things that can hurt your skin, then just do it. Either that or just do a few things correctly and avoid the rest.

Common Habitual Actions That Are Destroying Your Skin
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