Common Causes of Dents in Skull

Having a dent in your skull isn’t always normal. For some people, they may experience this condition because they suffer from Gorham’s disease or toxicity due to vitamin A overload.

As mentioned, Gorham’s disease is definitely a potential cause. When this disorder happens, one or more of your bones will become vascular tissue. The ultimate result of this condition leads to a misshapen skull. This is rare and many experts call this condition vanishing bone disease or disappearing bone disease.

As the bone shrinks, lymphatic vessels tend to replace it. So the places that used to be covered in bone are now misshapen soft tissue instead.

Skull DentsEffects of Gorham’s Disease

GSD a.k.a. Gorham’s disease affects more than just the head. It can also have a negative effect on the ribs, pelvis, collarbone, and spine. In certain cases the jaw will even be negatively affected. In those areas, pain and swelling has a tendency to develop. You never know how severe the disease is going to be, and its severity varies from each person. Lastly, there is no precise cause known for this particular disease.

Thankfully, Gorham’s disease is very rare so chances are small that you will actually develop it. But if you do have a head indentation, this could be a potential reason why you are suffering and it’s definitely one explanation.

Childhood Dents Due To Vitamin A Toxicity

Hypervitaminosis A is the official term for this type of toxicity. It’s very painful and can cause your bones to swell.

It also has the ability to cause the bones in the skull to soften, which will unfortunately lead to a dent. So children should not consume too much vitamin A to prevent this type of toxicity from happening.

Daily vitamin A allowances include the following:

  • 400 mcg for children 0 to 6 months
  • 500 mcg for children 7 to 12 months
  • 300 mcg for children 1 to 3 years
  • 400 mcg for children 4 to 8 years
  • 600 mcg for children 9 to 13 years
  • 700 to 900 mcg for children 14 years and up

Please keep this vitamin A chart handy because you don’t want your children to get too much or too little. Otherwise they can suffer from a deficiency or overt toxicity.

Vitamin A Toxicity Symptoms

Vitamin A toxicity symptoms include abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, increased pressure on the brain, and drowsiness. Lower the amount of vitamin A your child takes if they are experiencing these symptoms and immediately contact a Doctor.

Head Trauma

Head trauma is another potential reason why you may have a dent in your skull. As an example, if your head is struck by a heavy object the bones could crack and cause your skull to dent inward.


Meningitis is another potential reason why you can have a head indentation. If the sack that lines your brain is inflamed, you will experience this condition. If you are suffering from meningitis, you will typically experience massive pain, so you’ll know if there’s a problem and you can take the necessary steps to correct the issue.


Infections are another potential cause of bone skull erosion. Talk to a doctor if this is the case because they need to prescribe antibiotics to kill the infection causing the dent in your skull.

Prolonged Skull Pressure

Believe it or not, prolonged pressure on the skull can lead to indentations and skull dents. You’re going to notice this if it’s happening to you – even if it’s happening in your sleep – so pay close attention for external reasons that this might be happening.

Chronic pressure on your head is certainly not a good thing, so try to avoid this at all costs. Do everything you can to protect your health to keep your skull in good shape.

Final Thoughts

To wrap things up, realize there are a few potential reasons why you could have a dent in your skull. Trauma, meningitis, infections, toxicity from vitamin A, and Gorham’s disease are a few potential reasons that could cause this problem.

Some people can completely ignore it if they aren’t experience any pain. But if you are in pain, you should contact a doctor to find out how they can help you deal with this condition.

Common Causes of Dents in Skull
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  1. As a baby I had an indent in my head but my brain will continue to grow will this affect my brain in any way doctors already checked my spine and said it was fine I even had x rays they said I was fine but I m worried