When It Comes To Beauty Treatment, Have You Tried Patches?


We have talked about acne patches on this site. Dr. Harold Lancer the celebrity dermatologist of Kim Kardashian says that they “sometimes work, sometimes don’t”. While multi-masking might be painful, it started becoming popular in the US. So we were really ecstatic when there was a new technique that allowed us to target all of the different skin issues and conditions on our face. All with one mask. This is something brand new and never done effectively before now.

The secret is in the technique. It involves using a wide variety of different masks all at the same time. This allows you to be able to treat widely different skin care concerns all simultaneously. This has quickly become a common skin care practice within an established skin care routine (like what Alexis DeJoria does). Targeted skin care through what we now call patches was a whole new category that has thoroughly excited us all.

A photo of some popular skin care patches

Patches Are Becoming Very Popular In Skin Care

Welcome patches to the wonderful world of skin care products. This is the skin care evolution that we have been anxiously awaiting. Just like the mutli masking, skin care patches can go on several areas of the face and even on parts of the body. This is helpful in order to focus in on what is really a myriad of issues. So unlike that run of the mill mask that you are likely very tired of, these targeted skin care patches truly create an occlusive barrier on the skin like never before.

This has the effect of pushing the active ingredients within the patches in to the skin itself. The result is the ability to lock in moisture and eliminate the issue of evaporation. This makes masks so much more potent. While some of the patches flood the skin with actives, other simple create a desirable cushion effect. This stops the skin from wrinkling or creasing. A good example of this is the new microneedling patch. Patches have gone high tech and professional. Many are truly pushing the boundaries of skin care innovation.

When It Comes To Beauty Treatment, Have You Tried Patches?
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