Colloidal Silver Is The Supplement Your Skin Needs


Lots of people have emailed us in the last few days asking about a particular supplement. They’ve asked us whether or not colloidal silver is good for your skin. The short answer is, yes! If you haven’t looked into any alternative therapies and essential oils then you’re missing out. There are lots of things that colloidal silver can do for you. The problem is the most people don’t know what it can do.

If you do a small amount of research on this, you’ll quickly realize just how great it is. There are so many ways that colloidal silver can help you and I’m going to do my best to cover them all below.

But before I get started:

You need to realize a couple of things. When doing your research online you’ll soon come across a number of statements which are related to the FDA and claims that there is a lack of evidence indicating it’s effective. Pay no mind to that information. People can get very confused and put off any benefits when zero scientific evidence exists. My advice would be to forget all that.

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What Can Colloidal Silver Do For You?

Before I get into what this can do for you, I’ll cover the how of it. I hate to get all scientific on you but I’ve got to cover it to make you more aware. This information was found in a this report.

Here’s how it all works:

There are three things that take place to make colloidal silver work. It all comes down to catalytic oxidation, silver ions reacting with cell membranes, and it binding to DNA. If you want the details on that entire process, then I suggest that you read the report referenced above.

Now for what colloidal silver can actually do for you…

There are several benefits to using colloidal silver. It can heal, prevent infection and a whole lot more.

The main reason you’re reading is because you care about your skin. That said, here’s what you need to know about colloidal silver and how your skin benefits from it. In short, this can help heal your skin and keep it fungus free (if that’s one of your issues).

It is used by many people and is applied topically in order to treat conditions like thrush, burns, ringworm, and others. If you’re frequently having ringworm issues, then you may want to think about treating it with colloidal silver. The fungus that causes this condition lives on the surface of your skin. Applying colloidal silver to it can help eliminate the condition.

Another condition that you can try and treat with this is psoriasis as well as eczema. Many people also use it to repair and damage to skin tissue due to burns.

There’s something else that colloidal silver is known for and that’s being an anti-inflammatory. If you’re having inflammation issues, then applying this to your skin will certainly do you good. It’ll take about 72 hours for you to see any impact (most likely). Whether you’re suffering from inflammation externally or internally, this will help. Given that it’s a natural antibiotic, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory it’s bound to be able to help you when your body isn’t feeling up to par.

How To Use It

If you’re interested in giving colloidal silver a try, I’d suggest simply applying the tasteless liquid to your tongue using the dropper that it comes with. If you’ve got an ear infection and you want to clear things up, add one drop to your ear to clear things up.

Assuming that you’re down for doing some spot treatment on your skin, all you need to do is apply a few colloidal silver drops to your hand and applying it to any areas of your skin where the issue is. Another application method is simply applying colloidal silver to any serum or moisturizer that you’re currently run. The best way to use this is on an at-need basis and not daily.

Purchasing It

When making a purchase, you’ll want to be on the lookout for silver colloidal or colloidal silver. You’ll want to find a product that contains 50% (minimum) silver content in order to get the max benefit out of it. You want to avoid any products that look clear or too diluted. It should have a silver color tint to it. If you take a quick look on Amazon you’ll find a few options.

Given the number of doctors and individuals that talk about this, it only makes sense to give it a try. What’s the worst thing that can happen? It doesn’t work and you send the product back, simple as that. Trust me, it likely will! Good luck!

Colloidal Silver Is The Supplement Your Skin Needs
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