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Incorporating supplements can be a great way to enhance your skin and overall health. Collagen supplements are one of those great supplements to incorporating into your routine. If you’re not familiar with what collagen is, its a chemical that’s natural in your body and it’s helpful in a number of ways.

One of the main ways collagen is helpful is it’s contribution to skin elasticity. A lot of individuals are now incorporating collagen pills into their routines to help repair damaged skin, cartilage, joints, connective tissues and so much more. I urge you to read this entire article before you rush out to purchase a collagen supplement. The reason I say this is because it’s not quite the miracle healer that it may seem to be and there are risks in taking the supplement.

collagen pills

How Collagen Pills Work

Let me start with the basics here first and explain what collagen is. Collagen is a naturally occurring protein that exists in our connective tissues. Collagen is important because it works hard to keep our skin tight as possible. When you pull your skin and it bounces back, that’s all because of the collagen that you have in your body. The problem is, as we get older our body slows down and doesn’t produce as much collagen as it previously produced. This is one of the reasons that our skin sags. Taking collagen pills can assist your body in the regeneration process, thus achieving the wanted tight skin. Collagen is typically created from animal tissue. Once ingested, our body breaks down the tissue to amino acids and peptides. From there, it does all the work necessary to tighten the skin back up.

The Benefits of Taking Collagen Pills

There are benefits of taking this supplement, but you should expect super fast results. There is no overnight fix when it comes to collagen pills. However, they have been known to improve skin, hair and even reduce wrinkle appearance. However, like I said, it’s not going to happen overnight.

The Side Effects

Side effects aren’t guaranteed to occur but we must not forget about them. Some of the more common side effects that have been reported from taking collagen pills are constipation, bone pain, abnormal heart rhythms and hypercalcemia. The problem people have when they take supplements is that they often ingest too much of something and in this case, doing so can lead to increased joint pain. I always recommend that you speak with your doctor before taking supplements. Take to a specialist about the side effects to get an idea of the possible issues.

Sensitive People Beware

If you are even slightly prone to getting allergic reactions, then I’d recommend that you stay away from collagen pills. To be honest, an allergic reaction to the pills can make you look worse than you currently look. If you’re sensitive in this typical case, I say steer clear from this stuff.

Collagen Pills and More

I’m sure you’re wondering if the only way to take this supplement is by popping a collagen pill. Well, I’m here to tell you that’s absolutely wrong. Collagen supplements can be consumed in pill form, injection, and in a hydrolyzed form. You might think that the way take the supplement doesn’t matter but it really does. The non-miracle solution should be researched deeply and you should speak with a doctor to determine which form of intake best suits your needs. You can improve your skin taking a collagen supplement but you need to do your homework before taking it.

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Collagen Pills
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