Cold Cream

So many people I come across are quick to admit that they don’t know what cold cream is or what it is used for. They don’t know what it can ultimately do for their skin. That said, they also aren’t familiar with what it can do to harm their skin either. A lot of females use cold creams. In fact, their skin lives and dies by it. There are so many products out there that can accomplish the same thing as a jar of this very popular cream. It’s no different than any other product that exists in the 21st century. Let me take a second and explain what it is and why so many people swear by it.

ponds cold cream
Pond’s Cold Cream: A very popular brand.

What Is Cold Cream And Is It Good For Your Skin?

Cold cream is nothing new. It’s literally been around for many centuries and is often considered to be the best all-in-one cleansing product on the market. It’s also used by individuals in order to remove makeup and moisturize their skin.

Why Is It Called Cold Cream?

The product is referred to as “cold” cream because of the cool crisp sensation that users get after applying the product. The sensational feeling occurs each and every time the cream is applied to the skin.

In the beginning,  the product was simply made from a simple mixture of some for of oil (olive oil or almond oil), water and some beeswax. The problem was that beeswax and the oil had a short shelf life, causing the product to spoil much faster than manufacturers desired.

As a result, more stable ingredients have since replaced those that spoil. Mineral oil is now used to manufacture cold creams today. They also often infuse the creams with nice scents in addition to adding other moisturizing agents to the products. This is one of the reasons cold cream has become so popular today.

Product Uses

Let me shed some light on what the product is actually used for these days. The main use of this product is to remove makeup. Millions of women across the United States use cold cream daily to remove makeup. The reason they love this product so much is due to its ability to dissolve and break down the makeup so quickly.

The product has even been proven to help successfully remove eyeliner as well as mascara. Something that has been proven to be a nuisance to some consumers.

After the cold cream has been applied, all you need to do is rub it all over your face. Leave the cream mask on for just a few short minutes, then remove the product by wiping it away with a warm towel. In the event that stagnant remnants of cream are still on your face, you can use toner or a daily cleanser.

Cold cream is cheap, long lasting and simply to apply, but is it truly good for you?

The Ingredients

Let’s take a closer look at one particular ingredient that many people likely have questions about, mineral oil. If you do a couple of Google searches, you will likely find articles that discuss the safety level of using mineral oil on your skin. let me take a moment to address this issue. Mineral oil in skincare products is 100% safe if properly used.

In fact, mineral oil may actually help you trap moisture into your skin which can help slow down the aging process. The ingredient has been used for a long period of time and is even present in products such as baby oil. Do you think it would be used in baby oil if it wasn’t safe? I mean really!

Now, let’s move on to beeswax. Like mineral oil, beeswax is non-comedogenic, natural, and it even smells pretty great. You will find this ingredient used in many products at your local healthy and beauty store.

Who Should Use It

People that should think about using this cream are those that may have extremely dry or flaky skin. If you live in a cold or dry area then this product will help you lock in moisture. It may even be somewhat of a life saver.

Who Shouldn’t Use It

If you have oily skin, you may want to think twice about applying cold cream to your skin. If you have greasy skin then use it sparingly only to remove makeup, not as a moisturizer.

As for brands, there are many different brands that exist today. I can’t single out any particular brand other than the infamous Ponds Cold Cream. This is one that my sister and mother have been using for many years. I also suggest checking Amazon or your local grocery store for more brands.


Cold Cream
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