Coconut Oil Benefits

On our blog, we’ve talked about the many benefits of coconut oil.  It’s a very versatile ingredient which we can greatly benefit from.  Today we’ll talk about the benefits of coconut oil for our skin.

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There Are So Many Uses For Coconut Oil As A Skin Care Product

For Part 3 in our series of how to use coconut oil as a skin care supplement, we will look at several new applications of this fascinating natural product. Yesterday we examined the use of coconut oil as a way to soothe sunburns and mitigate the itchy and painful symptoms of eczema.

We reviewed many easy to make do-it-yourself face masks for all different types of skin conditions. That is, you can use coconut oil to make a hydrating or anti-aging mask. If your skin is normal or dry or even oily, there is a coconut oil based solution for you.

Even for discolored and pigmented skin conditions, coconut oil is a very helpful remedy. It also works with a little bit of brown sugar to make a quick and effective facial exfoliant. There are so many more uses for coconut oil as a natural skin care product. So let’s get started.

Many of you likely work with your hands. Whether it is around the home or at your job or even in your garden. Did you know that coconut oil is a leading remedy used for repairing overworked hands? Before and after washing the dishes or even cleaning the house, simply rub a single tablespoon of coconut oil in to your hands and they will always be nice and soft.

Use coconut oil to exfoliate the skin on your entire body. All you need to do is mix a cup of coconut oil with a half of a cup of brown sugar and two teaspoons of honey along with a couple drops of any essential oil. You can gently rub this natural solution over your entire body in order to remove dead skin cells. Following application, simply rinse off the exfoliator and towel dry your skin gently.

If you ever wanted to make an all natural skin lotion, coconut oil is the perfect base. Use a single cup of it along with a couple teaspoons of almond oil and a squirt of any essential oil. You can apply this lotion to your body every day to hydrate your skin in the same fashion as any commercial lotion.

Coconut oil can also be used to treat skin cuts and abrasions. Simply apply a few drops of coconut oil to the cut and the area that surrounds it. The beautiful thing about coconut oil is that it has some of the earth’s most powerful and naturally occurring antioxidants. Studies on mice have proven the effectiveness of coconut oil on cuts and have demonstrated that the application helps cuts heal much quicker.

Counter the effects of frizzy hair by spraying liquified coconut oil on your damp hair and cover immediately with a shower cap. Leave this on your hair for a couple of hours and then use shampoo to wash. You can even finish off this natural treatment by conditioning your hair by combing a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil through. This is a very effective beauty secret of top models and actresses who use this to prevent unwanted frizzing before a photo shoot.

If you are on the go and don’t have the time to properly treat your hair and diminish frizz, you can apply some coconut oil to the ends of your dry hair. Do this before using heated tools like hair straighteners and any styling device. Fight frizz before it starts with just a small amount of coconut oil. You can liquefy the coconut oil as mentioned in part one of this series and keep it with you in a small spray bottle that is designed to tame that frizz as it pops its ugly head up throughout the day.

Coconut Oil Benefits
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