Coconut Oil: Is It Safe For Baby Use?


Parents have it tough. When they’re not dealing with the added stress that babies, in general, bring upon, they’re dealing with the baby and their stress as well. If you’re anything like the typical parent today, you’re watching what you put on your babies skin and into their bodies.

Parents today are about as cautious as they get. Many that I’ve seen around might as well go back to school to be a scientist given all the examining that they do on products, foods, and all types of things. To make one thing clear, I’m not saying that parents should stop with all this double and triple checking. In fact, I commend those that put forth the extra effort just to protect the well-being of their baby.

coconut oil for baby

That said, many have fears about applying the wrong skin care products to baby skin. Many prefer to take the all natural route and in doing so, they often come across the infamous coconut oil. If you’re wondering whether or not this is safe to use on your baby, then you’re not alone.

The first thing that I want you to do is DO NOT PANIC. Assuming you’re in touch with your organic and natural side, then you’ve likely already added this to your own arsenal of beauty treatment ingredients. The good news is that coconut oil is safe to use on your baby. In fact, it might be one of the best choices for those that have sensitive skin.

Why Coconut Oil Is Safe (And Good For Babies)

There are a few reasons why baby oil is safe and widely used on babies with sensitive skin. It has everything to do with the ingredient being an all natural oil. If you didn’t know, coconut oil is known for being able to easily moisturize your skin and help strengthen your skin barrier. Most soaps, even those created for babies, tend to strip the oils out of your skin. The result is a weakend protective layer.

One specific doctor encourages parents to actually apply coconut oil to their baby’s heads in order to help sooth and treat cradle cap. Dr. Jennifer Yakimishyn believes that applying coconut oil helps speed up the process and helps them heal quicker.

However, one thing that I need to make very clear. If your baby has a sensitivity towards this ingredient, then you’ll want to stay far away from it and not apply it to their skin. Assuming you’re unsure if your baby is allergic to this, then my suggestion would be to test a very small area to determine if the baby has an allergic reaction. Assuming no reaction occurs, then I give it the green light!

It’s also extremely comforting knowing that coconut oil is edible and safe for baby consumption. You don’t have to worry about your child getting covered with coconut oil and then having them lick areas in which it has been applied. Instead, you’ll be able to sleep at night knowing just how safe and effective this ingredient is.

The short answer to the question asked above was, YES. Coconut oil is safe for you to use on your baby! Looking for a baby skin care line that we recommend? Then give California Baby a try!

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Coconut Oil: Is It Safe For Baby Use?
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