Coconut Milk Is Back And It’s Here To Stay!


Nope, I’m not going back to the future with Marty McFly! However, I am going to be discussion an ingredient that was once all the rage a few years back which seems to be making its way into the limelight once again. I’m talking about coconut milk!

Starbucks, Panther Coffee, and other fancy individual coffee shops around the country started offering their customers coconut milk as a non-dairy alternative.

coconut milk is all the rage

Coconut Milk Is Back…And It’s Definitely Here To Stay!

Today, coconut milk is almost a requirement when it comes to coffee shops and it can be found in just about every grocery store known to man. Well, you might begin to see this ingredient pop up in various skin care stores as well.

So many skin care companies have already adopted the coconut oil and coconut water craze in one way or another. They’ve either included it in existing formulas or they’ve made a line specifically targeting the coconut oil fanatic.

However, coconut milk is something completely different. it actually comes from the flesh part of the fruit. Curious why so many people are using this ingredient today? Well, it contains a vast amount of vitamin C as well as lauric acid. If you don’t know what lauric acid does for your skin, it basically acts as an antimicrobe which has the ability to kill organisms when necessary. As for the vitamin C, this helps keep your collagen levels high, reduce wrinkle, diminish fine lines and all that jazz.

It’s basically a fantastic ingredient for your skin. You can begin to incorporate coconut milk into your skin care routine in a number of ways. One simple way is to pick up some coconut body lotion for less than $5.00 at any Walmart or Target.

Another way to incorporate this into your skin care routine is to purchase the Herbivore Coconut Bath Soak powder. All you need to do is put a tablespoon of this into your bath and boom, you’ve created a soothing soak to spend some time in!

You can opt to pick up a coconut milk soap bar and shower with that versus using whatever the heck you’re using today. Hopefully, you are using soap at a minimum!

This next one is a product that my wife swears by and uses daily. It’s coconut milk conditioner and I’ve got a confession to make. I too use the same conditioner. You can pick this up at CVS for less than $8.00.

There are plenty of other expensive products on the market that incorporate the use of coconut milk. However, since I’m feeling thrifty today, I only wanted to share those with you that were extremely affordable. Afterall, I’m not trying to make you poor, just trying to help improve your skin condition.

Have news on a major ingredient or trend that we haven’t covered yet? Then please be sure to contact us about it. We’ll gladly reward you for doing so. In fact, feel free to search on social media and find me to connect. I’m always looking to connect with others that are just as passionate about skin care and fitness as I am.

Coconut Milk Is Back And It’s Here To Stay!
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