Cocaine Side Effects on Your Skin

Besides being incredibly bad for the human body and possessing the ability to kill you in many ways, cocaine has serious side effects on the skin.  It affects every organ on the body.  Today we’ll dive into all the bad things that this popular drug can do to absolutely torment your skin and leave users looking far from presentable.

She may have great skin today, but scroll down to see what it can look like with habitual cocaine use.
She may have great skin today, but scroll down to see what it can look like with habitual cocaine use.

Warning:  Gruesome pics are in this article.  For your safe viewing, we inserted them at the very end of the article so you can read the facts and research and not be turned off by the images.  Please scroll all the way to the bottom if you want to see the pics.  Otherwise, scroll with caution.  Click here to return to the home page.

Effects on the Skin for Cocaine Users

Cocaine is perhaps most known for being snorted due to the ease of getting the drug on the streets and quickly cutting it into a thickness that can be easily pulled in through the nose either by getting close to it or by using a straw.  While this may be the most popular way to consume the drug and get the “high” it brings, injections are also common among cocaine users.

When cocaine is injected into the skin, it leaves behind nasty remnants in the form of open sores called “track marks.”  The high is realized much faster when it’s injected.  Injecting the drug also kills skin tissue and causes ulcers.

Lastly, the needle can cause an infection in the skin and even form an abscess.

The drug can also be smoked.

Perhaps the scariest thing about this drug is that it can lead to what is called formication.

This is a hallucinatory disorder derived from long-term use.  Much like we mentioned in the side effects of doing crystal methampetamine article, the user thinks that bugs are crawling under their skin.  This leads to itching, scratching, and picking at the affected area.  Lesions can form and bleeding and infection may ensue.

It is when the long-term user believes there are bugs crawling under his skin. As a result, the user can repeatedly scratch at his skin, causing lesions, bleeding and infection.  When abused over time, the immune system becomes weak and the wounds take much longer to heal than they otherwise would.

What is Dermatillomania?

Another disorder common in cocaine abusers is Dermatillomania.  Paranoia and obsessive behavior are commonplace among drug abusers, including people who use cocaine. This can lead to constant picking at the skin.  Anything on the skin is in play, including freckles, moles, and any other noticeable abrasions.  This can be done with fingernails or even sharp objects, depending on the severity of the condition.  As mentioned earlier, with a weakened immune system, the sores have a very long path to being fully healed.

The Dangers of Levamisole

If the above information hasn’t deterred you from using cocaine, wait until you hear about Levamisole.  This is used as a cutting agent in the drug from time to time, and the side effects are downright scary.  The highest concentration of this has been found in the USA.

In fact, 69% of the seized shipments by the DEA in the year 2011 contained Levamisole.  The substance is added to add bulk and weight to the drug and make it seem “purer.”

One reason this is so bad for consumers is that it suppresses the production of white blood cells.

While you may not have heard about it in maintstream news, this was found in the toxicology reports of some high profile deaths.  DJ AM had it in his system, according to Wikipedia.  News person Ted Koppel’s son also had the same thing, which you can read about on the same link.

The New England Journal of Medicine posts this photo below on it’s page about “Toxic Side Effects of Levamisole in a Cocaine user.”  Click here to read it. (It’s in very advanced scientific verbiage.)

Levamisole side effects on skin
When Levamisole is in your cocaine, you could look like this.

The California Poison Control System posted this pic.  (Click this link here for full story.)

cocaine skin side effect
Is the high of cocaine really worth risking this possible outcome? NO.

Does it really look like a good idea to do cocaine now?  The side effects clearly show what can happen to your skin if you decide to abuse this nasty drug.  Even worse, it can take your life.

Cocaine Side Effects on Your Skin
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