CLEARstem Anti Acne & Scar Removal Serum

I’ve got another new brand and skin product to share with you today. This time, it’s a product that CLEARstem Skin Care has created. The specific product is their acne removal serum. While I’ve spent a lot of time digesting the Amazon listing and other information about the product, I prefer to share some basic brand facts with you before getting started.

That said, I have a specific routine I take when it comes to reviewing products and this is no exception to the rule. The very first thing I did when I heard about CLEARstem was head on over to Google and start searching. The reason I do this is quite simple. When it comes to skin care brands, you should be able to easily find the brands website on the Internet in a matter of seconds. What I mean by that is that you should easily be able to identify and visit their corporate website. In the event that all I find is the Amazon or eBay listing, then I’m out!

clearstem serum

The good news is that CLEARstem has their own website and they’ve provided quite a bit of detail based on some of the details I’ve picked up on. Before I get into all that, let me share some insight related to the company. Based on the company website, CLEARstem is a nontoxic anti aging ingredient that’s completely non-toxic (unlike these here). It’s purpose is to create botanically based acne and anti aging solutions. The formula was actually created by acne specialists that are familiar with all the issues and common problems that so many consumers deal with today when it comes to acne.

What I like about this product and company is that they come right out and say that there is no product that will “miraculously” change the condition of your skin. They are honest about that and quite frankly, that’s a great start in my opinion. So many brands neglect to stand up and say this, kudos to them.

A couple other things that I like about this brand. They go out of their way to showcase facts about conditions as well as myths involved. The CLEARstem system explains exactly what their science and ingredients can do for consumers.

They aren’t afraid to list out the ingredients and why they work. However, they don’t give out the concentrations given that it’s a proprietary formula. The company goes as far as listing out what they consider to be safe skin care ingredients to use today.

Also, the company goes out of their way to show how to get in touch with them very easily. For example, you can simply check out the footer and you’ll find the email address to send any questions or concerns.

CLEARstem: Anti Acne & Anti Aging Stem Cell Serum (Details)

Now, time to get to the fun stuff! The rest of the review will be dedicated to one particular product which is the anti acne and anti aging serum. The main reason why many people might choose to try this product out is simple. It’s said to help hydrate your skin, heal your acne, heal scars and do all of this while preventing further breakouts.

The company has incorporated two ingredients which are absolutely crucial when it comes to the formula. Those ingredients are green tea and mushroom extract. These are adaptogens which help make your skin more stable even while under significant stress.

People typically use this product (especially women) to help heal their skin and reduce the presence of dark spots. If you’re worried about dealing with ingredients that clog your pores, you can stop worrying. None of the ingredients are considered to be pore clogging, which is crucial if you want to prevent further breakouts from occurring. Whether you’re dealing with stress-induced acne or hormonal acne, this might be the serum for you. But first, before I suggest using the product, here’s what you need to know about the ingredients used.

Ingredients List

There’s a long list of a dozen ingredients which have been used to create this formula. My guess is that you’ve used one or two of these ingredients over the years. Perhaps even without knowing that you’ve used them. I’m going to simply give you a rundown of all the ingredients used so you know what to expect.

Green Tea
Hyaluronic Acid – See this page
Mushroom Stem Extract
Peppermint Essence
Probiotics – I’m a huge fan of these
Lactic Acid – Must read
Curcuma Extract
Aloe Vera – Again, huge fan
Human Stem Cell Media
Kunzea Pomifera Fruit Extract

If you can’t find any ingredient that looks even slightly appealing to you from above, then perhaps this isn’t the product for you.

In terms of cost, it’s going to run you about $59.99 per container and it’s actually on sale at this moment.

What About

If you’re interested in learning about the listing, then I’ve got you covered. You’ll be happy to learn that this product has legit stellar reviews and ratings. I’m talking about a 4.3 out of 5.0 and with 45 customers providing feedback.

The product listing provides details of the product and the reasons why you should contemplate trying this out. However, in terms of cost, I must say that the current price on the website is far lower than that on For that reason alone, I suggest you try the one-ounce collagen stem cell serum buy purchasing it on the official company website.

I’d also like to mention that many of the other third-party review sites have lots of nice things to say about CLEARstem. I was actually able to determine that another site sells these products called Beauty Inland but I cannot verify the authorization to do so.

Speak With A Doctor?

Should you speak with a doctor before using this product? It’s really up to you. Assuming that you’re looking to safely try something out, then maybe it’s best to get their opinion on the CLEARstem serum. The good news is that there is a refund warranty which without a doubt help you get your money back should you not be satisfied.

CLEARstem Anti Acne & Scar Removal Serum
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