Clarins Skin Care Review

Sometimes we write reviews on small mom and pop companies within the industry. Other times, we write reviews on some of the largest skin care companies on the planet. Today’s review is on huge company named Clarins. If I had to guess, I’d say that this company is one of the biggest leaders withing the cosmetics and skin care markets in the world.

The company was founded someone named Jacques Courtin-Clarins in France back in 1954. While many companies choose to focus on building products around new ingredients and synthetics, this one focuses on using natural ingredients. In fact, you’ll find that they use more than 200 plant extracts to formulate their products.

Curious on what the company manufactures? Well, they’ve got a very large selection of products that they manufacture. You’ll find anti aging creams, body lotions, sun care creams, skin products just for men and many other types of products.

Clarins ReviewNow, one thing I must mention to you is that although this company prides itself on using natural ingredients, they do incorporate the use of non-natural ingredients as well.

With regards to the actual ingredients used in the production process, it seems as though Clarins incorporates natural ingredients into their formulas when they know that the end result will be better versus incorporating other chemicals into the formula.

Let me provide some more background information on the company itself…

What Is Clarins Skin Care?

Clarins Skin Care is a leader amongst many when it comes to creating fragrances, skin care products, body creams, lotions, face creams, and sunscreens. As previously stated, the company was created by Jacques Courtin who originally started the company with the intention of producing oils that helped firm consumers skin.

Apparently, many locations in the Paris area took a liking to the oil treatment. At that point, Clarins essentially created its own niche within the marketplace and was being endorsed by celebrities throughout France.

Odd Story Behind The Brand Name

Rumor has it that the name Clarins came about from a character that the creator played in a school play. The name stuck and the brand became so successful that the creator decided to add Clarins to his real name. As of 1978, Jacques Courtin was Jacques Courtin-Clarins.

Courtin-Clarins took a deep approach towards his product development and marketing, focusing on how women felt about themselves and their beauty/appeal.

Expanding The Company

Soon as the 1970s came about, Clarins began to expand and in 1981 the company opened a business within the United States. By the early 2000s, the company was in 150 countries.

The Products

Now, for the most important information that you must know, the products. Since there are so many types of products that they create, I’m only going to focus on the most popular types of products today.

I’ll start with the Extra-Firming Night Rejuvenating Cream. This is a product that is very popular and a part of the moisturizer line. It’s said to work tirelessly to help tighten your skin. The product does this through the use of both synthetic and natural ingredients. As you know, the daily use of night cream is a staple product for many today. If you’re looking to learn more about night creams, then check this page out.

Another popular product that they have is known as the Clarins Firming Cream and it contains Japanese lotus extract which is used to help make your skin look brighter. It also contains hyaluronic acid and something known as Survyxil IS, which is related to keeping your cells in as healthy of a state as possible.

Next on the list is the Multi-Active Night Recovery Cream which assists in repairing your skin as you sleep. We all know how important sleep is if you really want to achieve¬†nice-looking skin. Well, this injunction with a good nights rest should do the trick. You’ll find ingredients such as kiwi extract, and Imudili, both of which are used to help improve cell regeneration.

Buying The Products

Looking to buy Clarins products? Great to hear! If so, then your best bet would be to head on over to the Clarins online store. Of course, if you feel more comfortable shopping on Amazon, then that option is always on the table. Another option would be for you check out some of the other online retailers that exist today. However, be careful to only buy from reputable sites. Lastly, you can simply head on down to the local department store and see if they carry the brand.

What’s It Typically Cost?

Many people are afraid to spend money on their skin. I personally don’t understand how someone can go out and drink alcohol at the bar all day but not be willing to spend money on looking better. It doesn’t make sense to me really. At any rate, if you’re interested in purchasing Clarins products, then you’re going to need to be ready to open your wallet up a bit.

The products are not super expensive, but they’re not that cheap either. For example, the products typically run cost between $23 and $130 depending on the specific product that you’re purchasing. They have a cleansing product that cost about $23 and they also have a night cream that costs $130, so the prices are all over the map.

The best thing to do is just do your research and find out what’s available on the market today and at what price. Find the best price from the most reputable vendor and just buy it.

Do You Need Professional Advice?

I’m a huge advocate of getting advice from a practicing dermatologist before taking action and using skin care products. While you may not need to do so in this particular case, I strongly suggest that you do.

Getting a professional opinion can only help improve your skin.

Last but not least, don’t forget to read other Clarins reviews online before buying anything. Find out what others have to say and then make a decision.

Clarins Skin Care Review
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