Christina El Moussa On A Mission To Sue Skin Care Companies


If you’ve seen the TV show Flip or Flop, then you know exactly who Christina El Moussa is and what she does. The TV star plays a significant role in designing house flips with her ex-husband. Well, she’s not too happy with a skin care company these days that’s using her photos. Guess what, they’re doing so all without her permission in hopes of profiting from it all!

Christina El Moussa
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Christina El Moussa Threatens Skin Care Company For Misrepresentation

Here’s what you need to know about all of this. First off, the TV star is very unhappy with the company that’s using her photos in their advertisements.

According to TMZ, the company is going as far as making up quotes and stating that they are Christina’s. That’s a pretty low thing to do if you ask me!

It’s been extremely difficult for Christina to track down the company placing the ads. According to our research, her attorney has sent cease and desist letters to 20+ individuals and businesses related to the issue. They are threatening to take further legal action if the ads are not removed entirely.

Christina isn’t the first celebrity to have to deal with this type of thing. Unfortunately, the skin care industry has some players that will do just about anything to attract consumers, even if it means breaking the law. That’s one of the reasons why I tell people to avoid shady sites and advertisements.

Christina El Moussa and her ex-husband Tarek no longer film the HGTV show Flip or Flop. Rumor has it that they are both working on separate TV show deals.

Here’s what companies need to understand about advertising and marketing within the skin care industry. There are many players that have extremely deep pockets. They’re backed by millions, sometimes billions and they aren’t afraid to do what’s necessary to get a consumer to commit to a product.

That said, I want you to always proceed with caution whenever you see a celebrity endorsing a product or being used within a marketing campaign. They’re often paid a great deal of money up front to market the products and just because it’s backed by someone famous, doesn’t mean it actually works. Of course, you’ve also got circumstances such as this one where a particular celebrity doesn’t actually endorse any product but the public doesn’t know that.

Always proceed with caution and do your research before buying any products. As for Christina, I wish her the best in putting an end to this nonsense. Talk about unethical and bad business practices.

If you come across any other issues similar to Christina El Moussa,  please send us a tip on it. We need consumers to understand what’s going on so that they don’t get tricked into buying products with phony and deceiving ads. The more celebs and the FTC fight back against these companies, the far better off we’ll all be. If you’re looking for an ethical company that makes products that work, might I suggest checking out this one.

Christina El Moussa On A Mission To Sue Skin Care Companies
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