Christie Brinkley’s Skincare Company Gets Sued By Burned Victim


I typically don’t like to gossip, seriously. However, since it’s Friday and I’m in one of those moods, I’m going to spill the beans on a very serious topic! Have you heard of Christie Brinkley Skincare? If not, then we’ve got you covered. In fact, this page right here covers everything you need to know about the brand.

Christie Brinkley skin care lawsuit
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Unfortunately, for the celeb and her skin care line, this publicity is not all that great. Why? Well, no one likes buying a product and getting burned due to use right! That’s exactly what one lady is claiming. This reminds me of the Starbucks coffee burn lawsuit for some reason.

A woman from Tennessee named Carla Young claims that she had signed up to receive a trial of two products associated with the Christie Brinkley line. The products were the EyeNoir and the SkinNoir. Apparently, the woman noticed that the products were specifically being advertised as those which can help “replenish and rejuvenate skin.”

Well, based on the lawsuit that was filed, Christie Brinkley Skincare was involved in this brand and actually helped promote as well as manufacture or distribute the products e.g. SkinNoir and EyeNoir.

The woman claims to not have changed anything about her typical skin care regimen aside from incorporating these products into her routine.

Carla Young is making claims stating that the company should have realized that product use was not appropriate for humans or something along those lines. Apparently, she’s now suing to the tune of $450,000 plus all her lost wages and any medical expenses incurred.

Now, while that might sound like Christie Brinkley is definitely in hot water, that might not be the case here. A representative from the Christie Brinkley Skincare Company had mentioned to a publisher that it wasn’t actually Christie Brinkley’s company but a “rogue seller” that used images of Christie Brinkley and her name as well in order to distribute the product.

Both Christie Brinkley Skincare and Atlantic Coast Brands are firing back stating that they are not behind this and that they are diligently working to get to the bottom of this situation.

Unfortunately, this is most likely going to hinder sales performance and diminish brand value for Christie. We’ve said it on so many occasions, you need to be extra careful who and where you buy your skin care products. There’s a good chance that if you’re not shopping on a reputable site or if you’re purchasing brands that are unknown, then you could eventually end up with bad skin or even worse, in the hospital and out lots of money.

My point is simple. It’s Friday, stay off eBay and Craigslist this weekend. If you want to buy skin care products, do so at the local Nordstrom, Sephora, or There are too many scammers out there trying to make a quick buck. You’ve got to be on the defensive if you want to buy good products and not get completely scammed I guess.

Have a nice weekend and don’t say I didn’t warn you! If you are looking for some light reading, then check this skin care scam article out. It might save you time, money and agony.

Christie Brinkley’s Skincare Company Gets Sued By Burned Victim
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