Chest Acne Causes And Treatments

If you’re anything like most people suffering from acne today, then chances are you get it in random places on your body. More often than not, chest acne can become a real issue for people. It’s happened to myself, my wife, and many others that I know in this world. The first thing that I like to tell people when they find out they’ve got chest acne is that that they are not alone. While it may seem a bit strange or even make you feel like an outlier in some respect, it’s actually quite common to get. This form of acne is one that I’ve been studying for quite some time. In fact, I’ve been interested in why acne forms on a person’s chest ever since I began to have issues as a young child. The good news is that I’ve since moved on and I no longer have to deal with any pimples on my chest, but for those that do, I’ve got some information that I want to share with you.
Chest Acne Causes And Treatments

What Are The Most Common Chest Acne Causes That Exist?

I typically talk about the different types of medicines and treatments that those suffering from acne can turn to versus the reasons they form. You know, things like this right here and other prescription strength products are what I commonly write about. Today, I want to take a step back and share some insight as to why chest acne forms on many people. The reason I want to do this is because I feel it’s just as important if not more to understand they “why” and “cause” versus the “treatment” that’s available. Sometimes understanding why something occurs can help you easily prevent it from happening. As they say, prevention is the most powerful treatment on this planet. That’s why I’m going to help you better understand what causes chest acne more so than anything.

I think the biggest problem with pimples in the chest area are how very unappealing they truly can be. Many people think that pimples can only occur in certain regions of their body and truth is that they can certainly appear almost anywhere on your body. That is, anywhere that can successfully produce enough sebum within the pores for acne to show up. The glands get clogged and the acne forms. It’s pretty normal for this to occur and it often does for no real special reason at all. Some of the most common reasons that acne on your chest can form are due to the clogging of your pores. Sometimes it’s because your hormones are completely out of whack. In the event that any pimples or zits show up on a regular basis, it can be a real big problem. These are some of the main reasons why chest acne commonly blossoms.

Allergic Reaction – There are many people out there that develop pimples on their chest due to having an allergic reaction to something they’ve come in contact with. If you’re using cosmetics or even perfumes that you’re unfamiliar with in terms of active ingredients, I’d take a closer look at them. I strongly believe that food allergies can cause the same reactions, but I’m not a doctor!

Clothing – Believe it or not, wearing certain types of clothing can irritate your skin enough to cause pimples to form. I’ve personally developed chest acne due to wearing a sweater that was made out of a material which I was allergic to. Wearing clothes that are too tight can often cause pimples to form on your chest. I guess it has something to do with thermoregulation temperatures or something of that nature.

Reproduction – Guess what else causes acne to form on people’s chests, having a baby or getting your period. Women commonly develop acne in this area of their body and it’s most likely due to being pregnant. When it’s not pregnancy, it has something to do with hormonal imbalances. For example, if a woman goes off her birth control, then she’s likely to see her hormones to jump around a bit. Once things start to level out, it often results in the acne clearing up on its own.

Diabetes – If you have diabetes or a poor immune system, then you’re likely more susceptible to developing this chest acne. Regulate both, and they will likely clear up a bit in due time.

Basic Hygiene – It’s truly awful how common basic hygiene or their lack of turns out to be the main culprit of a condition. People today just don’t take good enough care of themselves when all they need to do is simply abide by basic rules of cleanliness. For example, if you sweat throughout the day, then take a shower at your earliest convenience. Waiting until the next day isn’t going to help you clean your skin up.

Stress – Did I fail to mention the impact that stress has on your body? Yes, stress can really cause breakouts and if you’re not attempting to control your stress levels then you will likely have issues with it. If you are getting pimples close to your spine then this might be one of the main reasons why.

Chest Acne Treatments

The good news is that there are plenty of treatments that you can try in the that you’ve got this awful, yet common skin condition. Let’s start with the basics, using a soap that contains salicylic acid. This injunction with a simple scrub brush can help clear up your chest acne. All you need to do is gently scrub your skin just enough to exfoliate and you’ll begin to notice that your skin will start to clear up in due time. It’s also extremely important to take two showers daily.

Another thing you can try and do is add a charcoal mask to your daily or weekly routine. Using it on your chest will help unclog your pores and as a result, your skin will look much better than it does now. If you choose to opt out of the charcoal mask, you can always go with what’s known as the mandelic mud mask. Use your skin care cream that contains salicylic acid at a concentration level of 0.5% to 2.0%. Simply apply the cream to your chest daily. You can also look into using a face wash that contains benzoyl peroxide. This can help fight off bacteria that causes chest acne to form. Basically, what it does is it helps dry out your skin and remove many layers of dead skin from your skin.

Chest Acne Causes And Treatments
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