Chafed Skin

Both men and women have to deal with chafed skin. That’s the most widely acceptable term I think. A more common yet slightly offensive term would be chub rub. This type of condition happens when your thighs or skin rub together and during the process, they become moist. As a result chafing of the inner thigh often results. This happens to lots of people playing sporting activities at the beach or anywhere else where the weather is extra humid. Moist skin rubbing together doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it can really be a painful condition.

Chafed skin isn’t all that simple to get rid of either. It’s been known to cause rashes, stinging, burning, bleeding and bumpy skin. The nickname “chub rub” sounds harmless but it couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m going to help you get rid of chub rub once and for all. This simple five step process should help heal your chafed skin and perhaps help you avoid getting it in the future.

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How To Heal Chafed Skin (aka Chub Rub)

Here are some simple steps that I recommend you take if you end up having chafed skin in the inner thigh region of your body.

Step One: Clean The Area

If you’re suffering from chafed skin in the thighs region or any other region of your body, then you’re going to want to clean the area thoroughly. You’ll have to be careful though because the area is likely extremely sensitive due to the skin being broken. Be sure to rinse the affected area using cool water and a very light soap. Using a soap that contains harsh chemicals is bound to irritate your chafed skin and make you want to jump out of the window. A good option would be to find a soap that’s 100% natural like Tom’s of Maine or something from Whole Foods. Steer clear from anything too fragrance heavy as well.

Step Two: Kill The Germs

You must use an antibacterial ointment or agent in order to kill the germs that are left behind. Your best option is to use something like a natural Neosporin or some other antibacterial ointment. There are natural antibacterial creams that exist out there which you can use. Try to find something that gentle on your skin to not further irritate things, but one that’s also strong enough to kill bacteria and fungus.

Step Three: Soothe The Area

Now that you’ve done what you can to disinfect the area, you’re going to want to treat it to help get rid of that gross feeling. Anything that feels too warm isn’t going to feel nice. You want to keep the area cool and dry. Think about applying some simple aloe vera gel mixed with some lavender. Another option is to attempt to soak to chamomile tea bags, cool them in the fridge, and place the tea bags on the affected area. Last but not least, there’s an over-the-counter product that Monistat makes called Monistat Chafing Gel. It’s soothing and will most definitely help prevent further irritation from occurring.

Step Four: Stay Dry

Bacteria thrives on moisture. Yeast and bacteria both grow in wounds that are wet. If you decide to exercise, be sure to try and vent the area to keep things as dry and sweat-free as possible. Do yourself a favor and try not to let sweat build up in the area or it’s going to cause more problems.

Step Five: Keep Them Apart

Keep your thighs or chafed skin apart and from rubbing or causing too much friction. The only way to heal is to eliminate the chafing from occurring and that’s only going to happen if you keep your thighs from rubbing together. Feel free to apply bandages or anti-chafing products (shorts) if you can keep your thighs from touching one another. Chub rub and chafed skin in general really sucks and it’s super painful. You don’t want to have to deal with this forever.

Chub Rub Shorts

Yes, there are actual shorts that were created to help protect your skin from becoming chafed. They’ve become so popular that even the Huffington Post did a prevention piece on this topic and the shorts. Stop worrying about chafed skin and just do what you need to in order to protect your body.

Not Taking Action

One thing that you need to remember is that leaving areas untreated is a terrible idea. In the event that you decide to not treat your chafed skin, it can really get infected and lead to more serious conditions. In fact, I remember how much pain I was in back in my younger years when I had chafed skin from playing sports. I left it untreated and it got so bad that I had to see a doctor for professional help. The pain was almost unbearable and to the point that I was unable to make things better without prescribed medications.

See A Professional

In the event that your conditions gets worse over time, then you really should seek professional help by visiting your primary care physician or local dermatologist. Whatever you do, I strongly suggest not leaving it be. There are far too many products available for purchase at the local pharmacy to not bother taking action here. Not to mention, the pain will only continue to exist so long as you continue to irritate the chafed skin area.


Chafed Skin
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