Celebs Introduce La Praire’s Gold Infused Skin Product


What’s more appealing than gold? Well, not much I guess! Celebs all over the world work harder than ever in an attempt to obtain a little bit of gold of their own, preferably during the Oscars. However, now many of them don’t need to win in order to get their hands on some thanks to celeb’s Chrissy Teigen’s, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and their brand La Praire’s new product.

Chrissy Teigen and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
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Chrissy Teigen’s & Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Launch La Praire’s Gold Product

People in the entertainment industry want gold and these two women have brought the gold to them in the luxury skin care company’s newest product. The product is called Cellular Radiance Perfecting Fluide Pure Gold ($525) and just as one would think, incorporating gold into a product doesn’t make it a low cost item. This product is said to contain 100% pure gold that is used to create a “golden hour” like effect that the potion is said to cast.

la praire's golden hour

Supposedly the product is already in the hands of many celebrity makeup kits for those preparing for red-carpet events. The question is whether or not the product is worth the price and if it really has enough of a positive impact on your skin to offset the impact on your wallet. According to La Prairie’s director of innovation, Dr. Daniel Stangl the gold in the new product is used to both “perfect and strengthen skin” and it also may add an “immediate golden glow and smoother-looking skin.”

The La Praire product that Chrissy Teigen and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley created is said to also have an anti aging peptide in it which is referred to as a “golden peptide.” This peptide helps stimulate and restructure collagen, aiding in the firming of your skin. Now if you’re more interested in the “golden hour” glow, then you need to know exactly how it’s achieved. According to Dr. Daniel Stangl, the “golden hour” is a result of both “light transforming gold and golden pigments” injunction with the light reflecting deep off of the skin.

Now, I can’t say that I’ll be purchasing this for anyone that I know due to both the price but I’d love to hear your opinion if you’ve tried the product. It seems that celebrities continue to try and go above and beyond to create skin care products that contain extravagant skin care ingredients. The most important question, in my opinion, is whether or not the inclusion of these exotic ingredients really have a strong impact on results and not just an impact on the price.

If there are any other products that you know of which contain exotic or expensive ingredients please send the products my way so that I may further investigate. Until then, I’ll stick to my more economical products. Even if they do not contain any gold, I still believe there are plenty of products out there that can help you achieve the “golden glow” without the price.  Simply click here to see all the reviews we’ve posted.

Celebs Introduce La Praire’s Gold Infused Skin Product
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