Celebrity Esthetician Shares 5 Tips For Healthy Skin


vanessaMany skin care tips are simply standard practice. One of these would be wearing sunscreen every day. I recommend that always. Another is never to pick your skin. However, there are many ways to keep your skin glowing that are hardly ever discussed in articles like this. Celebrity Esthetician Vanessa Hernandez shares with us five skin care tips that are absolute must’s for healthy looking skin.

1. Use extra protection when flying

Being at high altitude on a plane is super harsh on the skin. This is pretty obvious because the cabin air is notoriously dry. However, there are many factors at work here that are negatively impacting complexion. There are a multitude of germs and bacteria literally everywhere. Think about the door handles, seats, the seat belts and even the tray tables. All of this can cause skin damage before you know it. In order to counter this, Vanessa is recommending that you keep a few products nearby and use them frequently throughout the flight. These are an eye cream, a hydrating mist and a facial cleanser. For the cleanser it is easier to use wipes.

2. Don’t go overboard on problem areas

People commonly find a pimple or blemish on their face and go to town picking it till the cows come home. This can cause significant damage to your skin. When you have a breakout, Vanessa recommends applying a lotion to your skin. Do this once a day, not all day like you will likely think of doing. The problem with overdoing the application of lotion is that it can cause dryness in your skin. This can lead to the blemish taking much longer to correct itself and go away.

3. Always use the correct treatment for the problem

This seems like simple advice but it is really shocking how often people will apply the wrong treatment to their skin. For instance, if dull skin is your problem you are likely suffering from large open pores and wrinkles. Vanessa says that in order to combat this you must be getting a facial every month. There is no other way around it. I know spa trips aren’t cheap but if the service includes something like microdermabrasion that will be a win for your skin. Think about trying a chemical exfoliator as well. My favorite is the glycolic peel. Don’t be afraid to spend money on your skin to maintain good health.

you are what you eat

4. You are what you eat

The trick to have a great complexion is eating great. If you are eating fried foods and lots of sugar and dairy this can cause lots of problems for your body and skin. This can lead to breakouts from congestion in your pores. Vanessa recommends high antioxidant foods making up a significant part of your diet. Try green things like vegetables and fruits like berries. Salmon and nuts like almonds are all high antioxidant options. Things with omegas and vitamins will help the health of your skin.

Here’s a post on foods that will actually promote healthy skin:

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5. Pay attention to all of your skin

loofahLots of people just focus on their face. But this is a surefire way to bad overall skin. Remember you have a chest, back, neck, hands and even the back of your hands. All will benefit from attention. Use the same skin care regimen that you use on your face on literally all your body parts. That means, exfoliate, hydrate and if the parts are exposed to sun, SPF. Vanessa recommends using a loofah in the shower to scrub your back and avoid blackheads. There is no better way to deal with clogged pores than using a loofah.

Celebrity Esthetician Shares 5 Tips For Healthy Skin
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