Celeb Skin Expert Tony Silla Shares Some Tips


If you don’t know who Tony Silla is, he’s the owner of Face Place, and a skin care expert that many of Hollywood’s famous celebs turn to when they have issues with their skin. He’s got secrets that you wouldn’t believe and you know they must work if she keeps gaining credibility from famous celebs these days.

Tony Silla Face Place
Credit: Tony Silla of Face Place

The folks over at DivineCaroline.com had a chance to catch up with Tony Silla the other day and he shared some really great tips during the interview. The good news is that we’ve got the dirt to share with you (pun intended).

Tony was asked what he suggested best for women that might be pressed for time that may not have all the time in their schedule to put together a tedious routine. According to Divine Caroline, Tony stated that “you really don’t need a 12-step skin regimen to have good skin.” Through some simplification, you can have a very manageable morning and nighttime regimen that will include just three simple steps. Tony suggests just using a good cleanser in the morning with a facial towel and applying a moisturizer that contains SPF. At night your routine will be to remove makeup (if applicable) and then again moisturize and cleanse. Simple as that.

Tony was asked what he felt was the most important part of any skin care regimen and his response is not shocking. He stated that the most important part of a routine is being consistent and cleansing regularly. Very crucial and I have to say that I fully agree with him. Consistency is so important when it comes to anything that we want to progress in. Whether it be losing weight, getting better grades or even getting clearer skin. It makes complete sense.

Now for the good stuff…

Divine Caroline asked Tony Silla to list the products that every woman needs to have in their skin care routine. His response was that they should have a creamy cleanser, a serum that contains vitamin C and other ingredients, as well as a “broad-spectrum” sunscreen that contains SPF 30. We’ve mentioned the importance of incorporating these products into your routine on a number of occasions here at Skincare.net.

Tony also mentioned the important of exfoliating a minimum of once per week. He suggests that you do so prior to cleansing. It’s a great way to eliminate dead skin cells before cleansing.

Another thing that we agree with Tony on is his belief that any woman can have great skin. We believe that this is absolutely true and we also feel that perfect skin is achievable providing that women put in the time, diet and lifestyle necessary.

Lastly, Tony Silla believes that “staying hydrated and staying healthy” are both very important. I couldn’t agree more. We must treat our bodies as if they are priceless. Easier said than done, I know!

face place skin salon
Face Place Skin Salon

If you can’t get to Tony Silla’s Face Place salon, you can, at least, take the advice that he’s given seriously and maybe you’ll have skin like some of Hollywood’s most well-known stars one day.

Celeb Skin Expert Tony Silla Shares Some Tips
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