Celeb Dermatologists Spill The Beans On Skin Secrets


There are so many great dermatologists that live in the United States today. Many of them spend a good portion of their career treating celebs and taking care of their skin. The good news is that you don’t need to be a celebrity to look good. We’ve got a few things to share with you that just might make you feel like a Hollywood star. Well, at least from a skin care perspective it might.

Movie stars and models have secret weapons when it comes to health and beauty. We’ve thankfully been able to get some insider tips on what these uber successful celebs do to keep their skin in tip-top shape.
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Celeb Dermatologists Share Skin Secrets Today

First of all, I cannot take all the credit for rounding up these secrets. Sure, I can reveal them but it’s not on my effort that they’ve been revealed. I like to give credit when credit is due and this time, Today.com deserves it.

They sat down with a handful of dermatologists in an attempt to uncover the strangest, yet most effective skin care tips that celebs use to look good.

Tip 1: Crisco

I bet you didn’t know that Crisco doubles as a skin moisturizer for your face? If you ever run out of moisturizer, you’re better off applying vegetable shortening to your face versus nothing at all. At least that’s what we’ve gathered from Dr. Melanie Palm’s advice. Apparently this is pretty good for people if they have eczema too.

Tip 2: Stay Off Your Side

When sleeping, you’ll want to avoid doing so on your side. It’s been said that sleeping on your side can often cause sleep lines to form. Dr. Palm claims that this can “cause permanent creases on your chest.”

That said, sleeping on your back is definitely better for your face and skin in general.

Tip 3: Frankincense Oil

Dr. Cybele Fishman mentioned being “obsessed” with this essential oil for all the right reasons. I guess it’s got plenty of antioxidants which help protect your skin from damage at the cellular level.

However, it’s important that you do not apply this oil to your skin directly. Instead, use a carrier oil like coconut oil or even olive oil to deliver the product.

Tip 4: Honey, Please

Many dermatologists use honey and they do so because of the great antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that it offers. Honey can help treat your skin if you have pimples, cuts, minor irritation, or even burns.

Tip 5: DIY

Did you know that many dermatologists suggest that people take the DIY route versus purchasing expensive medicines? Given that your kitchen is full of products that can offer benefits for your skin, it makes sense that they’d feel this way. After all, taking the natural route is always the best when possible.

Special thanks to the doctors mentioned throughout the article. Now go try some of these techniques and let me know how things go!

Celeb Dermatologists Spill The Beans On Skin Secrets
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