Catherine Zeta-Jones Shares Her Perfect Skin Tips


I spent some time on the Isle of Carpi in Italy a few years back and after running into Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas during that trip, I’ve been a huge fan ever since. She’s 46-years-old and she has great skin. Catherine Zeta-Jones has a few things that she does daily which she says contributes to her having incredible skin and a glowing complexion. She takes extremely good care of her skin and I’m about to share the specifics with you…

catherine zeta jones skin tips
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Catherine Zeta-Jones And Her Perfect Skin Revealed

Catherine’s secrets are not exactly what you might think. For starters, according to an article recently written for People’s Style Watch, she was asked a number of questions during a live Q&A session to promote the movie Dad’s Army and she was asked to reveal her secret to youthful skin. Her response was shocking. She wrote, “I think happiness is the best tonic for keeping us youthful,” and that’s just the beginning of it all.

In terms of taking great physical care of her skin, Catherine Zeta-Jones relies on staying well hydrated and in order to keep her skin hydrated she uses argan oil. According to the article, she uses the argan oil at night and spends her day drinking as much water as possible.

If you’re looking for pure argan oil, you’ll find a number of high-quality brands that produce this oil. Brand names such as Josie Maran and John Masters Organics both produce 100% pure argan oil products.

The other option that you have is finding products which contain argan oil as well. There are a ton of products out there that do contain the same oil that Catherine Zeta-Jones recommends using each night. If you’re looking for a product line that contains the product, I’d suggest reading some of the brand reviews that have been published here on You may find one with products that contain argan oil and other organic oils that are great for your skin.

Whatever you do, you’re better off taking some action versus not doing anything. At the very least, you should be drinking as much water as possible if you want to get to Catherine Zeta-Jone’s skin status.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Shares Her Perfect Skin Tips
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