Catherine Zeta-Jones Goes Social With Her Skin Care Cabinet!


I was spending time in Italy a few years ago and I ended up running into Catherine Zeta-Jones. Not only that, I ate lunch at the table next to her. The now 47-year-old looks almost exactly the same as she did when I saw her. She hasn’t aged one bit and I think I know why!

catherine zeta jones skin care cabinet
Credit: Instagram @catherinezetajones

Recently she decided to post on social media and what she did was almost unthinkable. She ended up posting a cabinet filled with her face and body products.

The photo would make just about any individuals jaw drop. You know that skin care and makeup is a pretty personal thing to share. This celebrity had absolutely no shame in doing so. In fact, according to a report put out by the Dail Mail, she has roughly $2,600 worth of skin products in the cabinet alone! One of the products is a whopping $450, which is a specific neck firming cream. While there are other neck creams out there to try, I guess that’s the brand Catherine Zeta-Jones chooses to use.

Based on some of the social chatter and public talk on this topic, I’ve got a few things to share about Catherine Zeta-Jones and her approach to skin care.

The first thing that I want you to understand about the actress and her product choices are that she doesn’t opt for the typical brand that most stars go for. Instead, she’s got brands like Rhonda Allison, Vanessa Megan, and even Elemis. I’m guessing that she scooped these up at local hot spots where she gets her face and body treatments.

I’m guessing that Catherine Zeta-Jones and her husband are fans of the Skyn Iceland product line. She’s using three different types of products or at least has them in her possession. This is a brand that other celebs use as well.

She perhaps likes acting like a scientist using various serums and anti-wrinkle creams. At least that’s based on the impression that I got from her post. She’s not afraid to experiment and give a new brand a try. I admire that about her, given that some celebs can be so needy and picky.

Last but not least, Catherine uses an everyday affordable deodorant, Certain Dri. I guess she’s not fancy about anything when it comes to fighting off sweat.

Sure, I could’ve sat here and listed out every single product that Catherine Zeta-Jones is using but that’s not going to help you get any better-looking skin. Instead, decide what type of product you’d like to try out and go for it. Don’t focus on hundreds of products for thousands of dollars. Doing so is quite counter productive. That is unless you’re a famous actress with lots of money to spend.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Goes Social With Her Skin Care Cabinet!
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