Carole Radziwil Reveals Her Morning And Evening Routine


We love reality TV. Why? Well, the programs are so influential that they reel you in and people are full of information. That said, we’re huge fans of the Real Housewives, specifically of those living in New York City. The Real Housewives of New York City is an amazing show and the women on it definitely put a lot of care into their skin. There’s one star that recently revealed her exact routine which has led her to great looking skin and wellness in general. The TV star is Carole Radziwil and she’s perhaps the most well-liked of all the housewives on the show.

With Season 10 here, it’s no surprise that there will be some secrets coming out of the woodwork this season.

The TODAY Show recently had a chance to connect with Carole Radziwil and when they did, Carole revealed the morning routine that she goes through daily to keep her skin looking great.

Now, keep in mind that her daily routine may not be conducive to the lifestyle that you’d like to lead, but nevertheless it’s important that we learn about it. Trust me, there are some takeaways that you’ll surely appreciate.

Carole Radziwil beauty tips
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Housewives of NYC Carole Radziwil Shares Full Morning Routine

Keep in mind, all of this is based on information that we graciously got a hold of from the TODAY Show. In terms of kicking things off and waking up, Carole Radziwil likes to open her eyes at around 8 AM in the morning. That’s not when she gets out of bed though. In fact, she typically stays in bed until about 9:30 AM, taking a nap right when she wakes up. While we’d all love to be able to do that, most of us just can’t. However, she can so more power to her right!

Once she’s wide awake, she heads out for a walk with the baby and to grab a cup of coffee, then she heads back home to kick-start the day with a little bit of breakfast.

As far as breakfast is concerned, she’s currently on the paleo diet which means she eats a breakfast which consists of eggs, meat, and veggies. Carole kissed the bagel and cream cheese goodbye, which is the previous ritual that she had. Basically, there’s no bread in her diet at all and truth be told, when I’m on a dieting binge, I stay away from bread too. It’s just not good for you at all.

In terms of bringing herself up to speed with current events, she prefers to take an old-school approach, listening to the radio and checking Tweets.

There were lots of other off topic things that she covered when discussing things with, but I’m here to focus on the health and beauty aspects of things covered for the most part.

In terms of working out, she once trained for the New York City Marathon and in doing so, she did a lot of running, jogging, weightlifting, and things of that nature. Specifically, she would weight train a couple of days a week and then spend the others days of the week running.

Now for the good stuff, Carole Radziwil’s beauty routine…

One thing that we truly believe has helped keep her skin looking great is the fact that in 40 years she has never gone to bed with her makeup on. It does not matter what time she gets home. In fact, it could be 4 am or 5 am and she’s taking her makeup off for sure.

In doing so, she washes her face of course. That’s another thing that she does every evening and it definitely shows. She washes her face at night. But that’s not all, Carole Radziwil has a whole routine that she goes through in the evening.

What she does is wash her face, exfoliate, apply face serums, apply some vitamin C serum and perhaps even use a face mask or two.

I love her motto which she revealed to the TODAY Show stating that, “Beauty starts the night before.” Truth be told, she could not be more on point! This attitude and action are likely why she looks the way that she does.

Now, when Carole wakes up in the morning, she’s got clean and healthy looking skin that’s been prepping all night while she rests. Her skin looks amazing as a result and all without makeup on too.

In the morning, Carole will normally apply a foundation/moisturizer called La Prairie and then she’ll go ahead and apply and undereye concealer.

According to the interview, her favorite part of her morning routine is getting out of bed after her nap in the morning. While she recommends napping for an hour in the morning before getting out of bed, I cannot see myself doing anything of that nature. I’ve got bills to pay and I’m often on a restricted schedule. Hey, more power to her though right!

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Lastly, I’m not one to gossip, but she recently had a falling out with one of the other Housewives – see below to learn all about it.

Carole Radziwil Reveals Her Morning And Evening Routine
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