Is The Cannabis Skin Care Routine Beneficial?


I wrote about a cannabis skin care before but now it is even getting trendier. Can it be part of your regular skin care routine? That is what we are here to discuss. Whether it is acne or eczema, the treatment of bad skin can be a challenge as Kylie Jenner found out. There are hundreds of different things that can be tried. There are over the counter creams and facial washes and there are prescription ointments and also pills.

While this works for some, it does not work for all. So what about the skin care potential of cannabis? It really is no surprise that cannabis can help heal damaged skin. Cannabis is known to be an anti-inflammatory like these foods that Brandon wrote about and it is an anti aging antioxidant. Hemp seed oil contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. This provides moisture and protection for the skin from potential sun damage.


Cannabis Skin Care For Healthy Skin

Topicals are very important to the skin. Smoke is always bad for the skin. So while it is smart to not smoke and perhaps turn to vaporizing or edibles, there are a large range of topical cannabis skin care products to try. These are hemp oil and CBD oil for starters. Both of these products are gaining popularity. Studies have shown the potential for cannabis skin care but the topic remains an obscure one still.

But in 2015 Casey Scalf developed a case of dermatitis on his face that was a reaction to the use of tea tree oil. This rash lasted for two weeks before he visited a dermatologist. The doctor prescribed a steroid and an anti fungal cream. The treatment worked initially and brought relief, but over the weeks the rash persisted an even got worse. So he tried his own research.

Using CBD oil he made a mixture with coconut oil which has so many benefits and it worked. A year later Scalf had no dermatitis. It was the cannabis skin care routine that worked when all prescription medication failed for him. As studies continue to emerge on cannabis and the understanding of the endocannabinoid system and its receptors improves, a new market is quickly emerging for cannabis skin care products. Whether it is CBD, THC or a combination of oils and hemp. All is becoming available to the market.

Is The Cannabis Skin Care Routine Beneficial?
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