Can You Successfully Reverse Sun Damage?


You’ve most likely subjected yourself to sun damage at one point or another. I’m sure you’re at fault here just like I am. We’ve all forget to wear sunscreen at one point or another. In fact, I recently went to the Miami Dolphins vs. New England Patriots game and I failed to apply sunscreen. I know, it was a huge oversight on my behalf. However, when damage does occur, many people are curious whether they will be able to reverse the damage.

Sun damage is not something to fool around with and it can literally wreak havoc on all things skin related. There are a few common things that sun damage can negatively impact your skin. Before learning how and whether the damage can be reversed, it’s important to understand what damage can be caused.

Reverse Sun Damage on Skin

Sun Damage Causes And Reversing What Has Been Done

Like I said, I didn’t wear sunscreen at the football game on New Year’s Day and it was a big mistake. What you need to understand is why it was such as big mistake. Sun damage can cause collagen production and elastin presence to greatly diminish. In addition to that, it can often negatively impact the natural exfoliation process of the dead skin. Lastly, sun damage can have an impact on your skin pigmentation as well. As a result, over a long period of time, your skin may become wrinkled, spotty, saggy, and overall dull!

Want the good news?

Apparently, there are studies out there which have shown the skin is capable of repairing itself due to being damaged by the sun. The kicker is to incorporate sunscreen use to help jumpstart the process. Using sunscreen may be powerful enough to reverse the development of precancer cells according to some light Internet research that I’ve conducted.

Now, what you’re probably wondering is just how simple it is to reverse the sun damage that’s been caused. There are a few steps for you to take if you really want to start reversing the damage. The first thing you need to do is get rid of that tan!

The second thing you want to do is hydrate your skin pronto! The sun literally strips the water from your skin and if you’re not rehydrating then your skin is likely suffering. You’ll need to apply a high-quality water-based moisturizer as well as drink lots of water. Do not be afraid to apply some sort of microdermabrasion to help remove the dead skin cells too.

Speaking of dead skin cells, applying a product that contains Retin-A can help improve your skin cells that have been previously damaged by the sun. In addition to that, the popular ingredient can help increase blood flow which is crucial for healthy skin as well.

If you’ve got a really bad sunburn, then you need to take care to soothe it best as possible. Doing so can help reverse the damage the sun has caused. Don’t be afraid to apply a homemade anti-inflammatory mask of some sort incorporating things like Aloe Vera gel and vitamin E into the DIY concoction.

Last but not least, you’ve got to begin to remove toxins from your skin. Incorporating antioxidants into your damage control processes can help neutralize the toxins that are created from too much sun exposure. Start using vitamin C based products if you’re not already and don’t be afraid to incorporate green tea as well.

These are all things that you can begin doing right away in the event that your skin gets damaged from the skin. However, there is nothing better than prevention.

Can You Successfully Reverse Sun Damage?
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