Can Sunburns Be Dangerous?


pic of severe sunburnSunburn is to be completely avoided as a single episode can lead to complex issues like skin cancer at a later part of life.

The answer to the question posed in the title of this article is entirely obvious.  YES, sunburn can be extremely dangerous.  Be careful this Summer, wherever you live.  Those of you in areas where the sun isn’t always out don’t need a reminder of how strong the sun can be.

The Dangers of Getting Sun Burn

When you get a sunburn, you have to try and heal it as effectively as possible. You have to keep you body cool and try to add some protein to the part of the skin where the sunburn has occurred. This is because the burning of the skin would have led to the loss of protein. One way to do this is to apply a cloth dipped in cold milk as it achieves both the requirements of cooling and providing proteins. Skim milk has to be utilized. A moisturizer with a non-greasy characteristic can be applied without applying too much pressure. An ointment that contains Aloe Vera will also be very conducive to healing. Of course, it is essential that you do not get back under the sun before the burn is fully healed and disappeared.

The problem with sunburn is that it leads directly to melanoma whereas other skin cancers are linked to continuous and long term exposure to the sun. The UVB rays in the sun cause the proteins on the skin to degenerate. The position of the Sun in the sky is one of the factors that can cause Sunburn. Late Spring and early Summer are those times when you need to adopt extra care. In the Northern Hemisphere, this corresponds to the months of May, June and July while in the Southern Hemisphere it is November, December and January. Other factors are when you are at a higher altitude or when you are close to the equator and the Sun is directly above you.

However, the UV rays can be harmful at latitudes up to 23.5 degrees both north and south of the equator. This makes it necessary to take extra care if you are out and about in areas within these latitudes. In addition to the risk of cancer, there are a number of ailments that can be caused by sunburn such as Shock. You can improve your protection from a sunburn by increased intake of Vitamin C and Vitamin E in your diet.

Each instance of sunburn that you experience is increasing the probability that you will contract melanoma at some point in your life. About five episodes of sunburn makes you a very probable choice for this cancer. It is not something that you can take a chance with. You need to avoid stepping out at those times when the Sun is out in full form.

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As the impact of a sunburn is on your DNA, it needs to be taken very seriously. The body tries its best to minimize damage done to the DNA but you are really exposing yourself to considerable risk if you do not take the adequate protection against sunburn. Getting more than one instance of sunburn doubles the chances of your contracting Melanoma. Take the appropriate protection so that your skin stays fully healthy.

Can Sunburns Be Dangerous?
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