Can Alcohol Really Contribute To Skin Cancer?


I’m a firm believer in fueling your body with the necessary ingredients in order to keep your skin and body as a whole healthy. For that reason alone, I do my best to try and avoid alcohol as much as possible. In fact, very rarely will I even pick up a drink as it’s just not part of my daily, weekly, or even monthly goal regimen. Assuming you’re not looking to up your chances of getting skin cancer then you might want to cut back on the alcohol as well.

Alcohol Linked To Skin Cancer

The Numbers Don’t Lie, Avoid Alcohol To Avoid Skin Cancer.

There have been lots of studies done on skin cancer development over the years. So many that you can’t even begin to Google the term without having an endless list of research studies pop up in the results.

One study, in particular, had made the link between alcohol consumption and skin cancer diagnosis. Based on some Internet research I did, I was able to determine that there were actually multiple studies on non-melanoma skin cancer. The studies consisted of close to 100,000 cases. The studies have shown that researchers discovered that the more alcohol people consume, the more likely they are to be diagnosed with skin cancer.

The specifics in numbers go like this…

Individuals that consume three-fourths of a typical standard size drink are at a 7% greater risk of developing basal cell carcinoma. The risk of developing squamous cell carcinoma is actually higher, it’s increased by 11%.

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I guess the good news is that this type of skin cancer typically doesn’t spread to other areas of your body. But they can certainly be unsightly and not something that many people want to have to deal with. If by chance they do occur in areas such as your neck or face, then they can look a bit strange. You’ll want to take care of it immediately, that’s for sure.

The real question here is why does alcohol contribute to the issue? There’s a strong possibility that a compound which is produced by alcohol known as acetaldehyde can interfere with cell repair. The interference is enough to cause cancer cells to grow. Additionally, alcohol can have a negative impact on your immune system by weakening it. This too can impact things.

My suggestion would be to cut back on drinking entirely if you can. Why? Well, you’ll be less apt to develop cancer, you might lose weight, and you may feel better in general. Now if that doesn’t sound good to you then I’m not sure what would.

Let’s assume that you do as I say and you decide to cut back on the alcohol. Unfortunately, that’s still not enough. You’ll need to take more action to protect your skin by applying sunscreen containing SPF 30 or higher. It’s very important that you do this on a daily basis for best protection.

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Basically, it boils down to two simple things. One, stop drinking so much booze and two, wear sunscreen every day. Assuming you see anything strange going on with your skin, I want you to consult with your primary care physician immediately to get things checked out. Skin cancer is nothing to mess with!

H/T to Men’s Health For Pointing Out The Research.

Can Alcohol Really Contribute To Skin Cancer?
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